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Sarcoma Storylines

by Self Care Catalysts
The Sarcoma Storylines self-care app from the Sarcoma Foundation of America, and powered by Health Storylines™, lets you use the power of your story to personalize your care, create your own support network, and influence the way medicine cares for people like you in the future.

The Sarcoma Storylines app allows you to track your mood, symptoms, and more, on the same timeline as your treatment. It gives you an accurate and shareable record of your experience between physician visits, and helps you and your care team discover the treatment strategies that are working best for you.

Take control of your health with these powerful Health Tools:

• Set medication reminders so you don’t forget a dose
• Track your symptoms to monitor how you’re doing over time
• Document your moods to see the impact of your emotional health on your overall wellbeing
• Record your weight and other vitals to have handy whenever you need them
• Remember important dates and events related to your health with a unique calendar
• Jot down appointment notes before a doctor’s visit or follow-up, to help keep in mind any questions you have.
• Document your health and daily living with a journal
• Detail your shareable sarcoma story (or your loved one’s sarcoma story) by creating your Sarcoma Warrior Profile, to help personalize the care and support you receive
• Invite the people who care for you to connect as part of your Circle of Support. Share your progress with them in real time. Let them empower you with their support and encouragement, give you a boost when you need it, and celebrate your milestones.

The Sarcoma Storylines mobile app is free for all patients and caregivers, and is also accessible through the browser of any desktop computer or mobile device.

Recent changes:
Bug fix for reminder notifications.

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