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Height and body size for various US and world population samples are:

Now-a-days, the world population is suffering from so many health problems. Many of these problems are related to weight issues. An underweight person will have low immunity, reduced stamina, and a deficiency of nutrients in his body. So, weight control is very important. An underweight person can be prone to common illnesses. There are many ways to determine the ideal weight of a person. Among them are, waist to height ratio, and height to weight ratio.

Many studies use representations of human body outlines to study how individual characteristics, such as height and body mass. Unlike height, the effect of body mass on shape differs between sexes.

This map information includes height and weight ratio table for Men and Women according to the given table.

Recent changes:
Additional Unit Tables for Height (Centimeters, feets, inches) and Weight (Kgs & Lbs)

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