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by Stark Apps GmbH
Are you looking for the right words to express your love?

With this app you can:
-- have a heart on your homescreen to...
-- ...speed-dial your sweetheart
-- always have a picture of your sweet one at hand
-- if you have the other 2 apps (- Love - and You -) you can spell "I LOVE YOU" on your iPhone and warm your loved one's heart with this proof of your love.

In love matters, don't trust in chance. Get 1 icon on your iPhone and get the others for free on the app store.

- I
- Love -
You -

A picture says more than a thousand words. Don't try to find the perfect words - say it with a heart!

How to find the other free apps to get all 3 "I LOVE YOU" icons:
Just search for "Love WeDestroy" (without the ") on the App Store!

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