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Awesome Dog Escape Run HD - Best Candy Land Race Game

by Loretta Cheron
How about a fun run with your dog through everyone's dream land - Candy Land!!

Control your Super Awesome Dog by using 2 separate controls - a joystick and a jump button! A true RETRO gaming experience!!

Avoid the CATS! But try to collect as many 'Dog Coins' as you can! Knock the cats out of your way by jumping and landing right on their heads! Don't hurt you new best friend in the game - the Bulldog! Jump on the Bulldog's head to help your Awesome Dog get to the higher platforms!

When you get enough coins - upgrade your Super Awesome Dog to a new character and get more fun levels to play!

- Five Cute Dog Characters to choose from!
- Four Fun & Challenging Levels
- Check your scores in Game Center to see who is TOP AWESOME DOG!

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