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Picture Puzzle

by Shekhar Yadav
"Picture Puzzle" is the fun iPhone version of classic 15-Puzzle. Our game has over 100 pre-installed images, belonging to 14 different categories including cars, places, celebrities, people, sea-world, colors, patterns, magazine covers etc. Whatever, it is that you fancy, now you can choose and arrange the pieces till you have the perfect picture, giving right amount of stimulus for your brain, while entertaining yourself.

It also lets you play with a existing photo in your own photo gallery. You can shuffle images as many times as you want to get new combinations. Don’t be bored on your long flights, classes or those useless meetings… play Picture Puzzle.

So, next time you are with your partner, try clicking a picture of you two together, shuffle and start arranging the pieces till you see yourselves together again. A fun way to get closer and bond!

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Rating: 2.5
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