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Pick Fruits (Burst Bubbles)

by Shekhar Yadav
Finally, an addictive game for you that is fruitful! This is a fruity twist to the regular burst bubbles.. and with changing background and new fruits this is hours of fun. Perfect game for the touch interface.. drink your iBeer and start picking fruits.

“Choose and pick” and “do it fast and safe”. These are the simple rules of the “Pick Fruits” game.

The game fills the screen with raw and ripe fruits. You are required to pick the ripe fruits by tapping on them. If you tap on a raw fruit, you lose a life. There are 4 lives for you to remain in the game. Each ripe fruit that you pick, gives you points. After you have scored enough points, you graduate to the next level. Each new level adds to the variety of the fruits and you have to continue picking the ripe fruits.

It gets very challenging and exciting when the number and variety of fruits increase and you have to continue keeping yourself alive. Start Picking!

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