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AstroTilt ™

by Jirbo, Inc.
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"101 Most Essential iPhone Apps" -

Reached the top 10 apps on entire app store

"blazingly colorful...a dash of whimsy and top with rich graphics" - Forbes

✓ Accelerometer Tilt Mode

✓ 99 levels!

"This game is everything a mobile game should be!" -GrfxGuru

"Incredibly polished" -Ramrodicus

✓ Hours of fun.

✓ Recommended for fans of puzzle and arcade games such as Arkanoid , Breakout , Tetris , Bejeweled , Brickbreaker, Blocked, Labyrinth, Stick Wars, Tap Tap Revenge, ESPN Cameraman, and the Sims.

✓ Submit your score to's Astro Tilt World-Wide High Scores and compare scores with your friends on Jirbo Avatar!

Instructions: You must hold your thumb on the knob at the bottom of the screen to keep the ball going. If you take your thumb off this button (or off the bottom of the screen in touch follow mode) then the ball will automatically pause for your convenience. In Tilt mode, touch the screen to start the ball moving. Good luck and have fun!

✓ smoother graphics

✓ Choose between Jirbo blocks mode or regular blocks

✓ New break effects

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Recent changes:
-Updated for iOS4

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