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Fizz Brain Train

by Fizz Software Ltd.
Fizz Brain Train gives you five challenges to test and improve your mental abilities. Have fun whilst developing your Maths and Memory skills in this professionally developed series of challenging games.

Number Crunch
Develop your Mental arithmetic skills by playing the great Number Crunch. Work your way through each step before reaching the answer. How many can you get right? Put that calculator away that would be cheating!

A combination of memory and maths are required to complete this fun task. Memorize five numbers before they disappear, all you need to do is recall them in sequence order. Simple isn't it?

A further challenge to your memory is required to detect the imposter. A series of images are redisplayed along with the imposter. Do you have the memory and focus to spot which one hasn't appeared before?

Matching Pairs
This fun challenge requires you to spot and memorize the matching pairs amongst a grid of images. Do you have the capacity to memorize and uncover all the pairs in a limited time?

Least 2 Most
Concentration, focus, and mental arithmetic are all tested in this challenge. Order the icons from the least frequently occurring to the most, but don't let the colors put you off. The clock is ticking....

So you have practiced, challenged and improved yourself on all these tasks. Your brain is on top form and now its time to take the global challenge and pit yourself against the worlds finest minds.

What is your brains world ranking?

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