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MSIL Directory

by Moore Stephens International Limited
This directory app lists the firms and companies that are members of Moore Stephens International Limited "MSIL", and correspondent firms, and in the case of North America, all listed firms are members of Moore Stephens North America, which is itself a member of Moore Stephens International Limited.

The app provides quick and easy ways to query the lists of firms, offices and people, to easily get in touch with firms/people, obtain their address details and find out local times in their locations. The app also presents users with shortcut links to firms' websites, location maps and web pages owned by MSIL with further information. Once the data is saved locally, the app provides almost the same level of functionality when there is no internet connection. The app will attempt to update its data files when the locally saved data is five days old or more – provided a connection to internet is available. As well as this auto-update mechanism, user can anytime update the local data of the app.

The app also provides a bookmarking mechanism. User can easily bookmark firms and contacts for easy access in the future.

To a certain extent, the app will try to take into account common short version of names (Andrew – Andy, Michael – Mike etc.). When online, the app will provide suggestions for searches with no or very few results.

Recent changes:
Timezones and local times fixes

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MSIL Directory MSIL Directory MSIL Directory MSIL Directory MSIL Directory

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