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Latest iphone news
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TapTheBeat Free
Masayuki Akamatsu
TapTheBeat is a BPM/time counter measuring by tapping.
Gengou Free
Masayuki Akamatsu
"Gengou Free" provides a quick reference of the Japanese era system since Meiji (1868-). You can purchase a paid version "Gengou" which has many useful functions.
Mr. Shuffle
Magnetism Studios
Mr. Shuffle is an interactive face making toy. It lets you arrange cartoon eyes, noses and mouths into funny faces. You can add captions and thought bubbles to customize even further. Best of all, you can take pictures...
Touch Train
Touch Train is a simple application that helps you get used to the touch screen of your device. Using the touch screen can be frustrating for some first time users. Touch Train gives you a target to aim for and will...