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Pic & Word Master - World Journey
Xiaorong Yang
Addicted to guessing games! You just cannot miss this one! Guess the famous icons and pictures from seven continents and four oceans and become the master of guessing games while travelling all over the world! Prove...
Guess 4 Words Pop Quiz - What's the word? Can you guess the word by using the four clues?
CGMatic Co., Ltd.
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Aprende ABC
A fun and interactive app for children to learn their ABC's in Spanish. Features: * Lowercase and uppercase letters * All letters in the Spanish alphabet from A to Z * Clear pronunciation of every letter * Interactive...
Bunsho - the nonsense word puzzle of hidden sentences
babbleINK Ltd
Bunshō is nonsense! Bunshō is bonkers! Nonsense bonkers is the future! Simply work out what ridiculous sentence is hidden in the grid by using the cryptic clue - It's that easy! Bunshō is just like a crossword but...
Food Quiz - Guess what is the brand!
guillaume coulbaux
From the creator of the succesful app "Guess the word" and "Guess the Movie". **** What is the food brand? Each level contain one picture of the most famous food brands, can your recognize them? √ SIMPLE *instant...
Words Finder Wordfeud Español/Spanish - find the best words for Wordfeud, crossword and cryptogram
Rick Jansen
WordsFinder for Wordfeud/Spanish helps you finding words for playing the game, or to learn words you never knew. Sort the results on score, word length or alphabet. Find not the longest, but the best word! You can find...
Crowned Apps LLC
Be challenged. Have Fun. Do you know the events of the Bible. Recognize the significance of the images. What's the word? Who's the character? What's the Famous Name? Where did it happen? See how much levels you can...
Emoji Quiz - guess each famous person or character
*** Famous people and characters shown as emojis! See if you can guess who it is! *** --- From the creators of the #1 apps Photo Quiz and Riddle Quiz! --- How good are you at face recognition? Find out with Emoji Quiz!...
That Movie With
Instnc Pty Ltd
That Movie With... Guess what the Movie is that had all 4 Stars in it! Use the letters at the bottom to make up the name of the Movie! Endless fun awaits you. See how good your Movie trivia is by testing how well you...
Hangman2020 HD
Jai Krishnamoorthy
**Introducing the Hangman2020 HD app with animations, a wide range of challenging words, advanced scoring, and much, much, more. This is not your grandmother’s hangman game!*** Hangman2020 HD is inspired by the...
DM Movies
Fly on IT
DM Movies is a fun filled game which lets you check your general knowledge about movies. Based on Hangman concept, DangleMan levitates by adding extra feature to help you increase your general awareness about movies....
! Game Erudite for people who want to develop their skills Lite
Welcome to the game Erudite, where you can train your brain, build your vocabulary or just have fun with it. Your goal is to make as many words as possible using the nine letters in the grid. The longer the words, the...
Pics & Synonyms Pro
Strain your brain with this original, fun and challenging new game: Pics & Synonyms Pro. Each puzzle presents a pic that describes a word. Can you guess the word and its synonym? In Pro Version, all puzzle packs are...
Famously Simple LLC
Find the mystery word by keeping track of how many letters it has in common with words you enter. It might sound easy. But, it's a serious challenge!
Bilgi Yarışması Genel
Emre Akbaba
Genel kültür bilgilerinizi test etmek ve eğlenmek ister misiniz? O halde bu uygulama ile karşınıza gelen sorulara 30 saniye içerisinde cevap vermeniz gerekiyor. Uygulama her açılışta yeni soru var ise...
MovieQuiz:Guess the movie or film of color poster pic quiz
Can you guess all of the movie? Every level is a movie. See if you can guess them all! Can you beat all 300+ brain-tickling in "Movie Quiz"? No signup. No registration. Play it for FREE :-)
IQ Intelligence Test - Trivia
Pocket Edition
IQ Intelligence Test - Trivia is the quiz app for smart people. It’s designed to stimulate your brain with over 10,00,000 high-quality, challenging, and informative questions. ***10,00,000 brain Quest Collections***...
Tamoor Malik
Storifi is a fun, short story writing game you play with your friend. Two friends take turns to write a short story, one line at a time. Only the last word of each line you write is revealed to your friend. The written...
Charade +
Mon premier est un animal. Mon deuxième est un animal. Mon troisième, est le résultat de 1+1. Tu vas jouer à mon tout. Réponse : Chat-rat-deux : Charade ! Découvre le grand jeu des charades enfin disponible sur...
Kim 500 Milyar Ister
Emre Akbaba
En Sevilen bilgi yarışmalarından olan kim 500 milyar artık cebinizde. Kim 500 milyar oyunu oynayarak bilgi dağarcığınızı test etmek için daha ne duruyorsunuz?