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Word Finder : New Flow Style Word Searching Game
Stanley Lam
New Style Word Searching Game Find and mark all the words hidden inside the grid. 2 Rules: - The letters in each word are orthogonally adjacent. - Each letter can be used for one word only. Forget pen and paper. You...
A+ Guess The Flag Free App - Tough Geography Quiz Game
Zhang Liming
Amazingly simple, addictive, and funny game comes here! Just look at the flag and guess the country. Everyone can easily enjoy. Let's start GUESS! - Just Download and Play immediately. - Can you guess what the country...
Cetuscript Systems
Enigma is a word guessing game like hang man. Except guessing with letters, you need to guess with words. Green means that a letter is in the right spot. Yellow means that a letter is in the word, but not in the right...
Anime Pic Quiz
Robert Kuh
Who is your favorite Anime or Magna character? Can you spot your favorite character just by their hair or posture? Than this Challenging Anime Quiz is the game for you. Test your skills against the levels and figure...
Mixtura – Word Game
Zeta Interaktiv
Welcome to Mixtura - the mind-boggling word game that will push your lexicon to its limit! Mixtura is a fun, challenging and insanely addictive word game that will leave your mind spinning for hours on end! Complete...
Allo! Guess the Restaurant Food Trivia - What's the icon in this image quiz
We love food. You love food. Hey! We love Fast food right? But can you recognize all those awesome brands, icons and pics we love so much? Well we believe is not so easy… we are so sure that is not so easy, we want...
Guess the Dragon Ball Character
Landon Keem
FEATURING ALL DRAGON BALL CHARACTERS If you think you know Dragon Ball characters pretty well, then think again, try Guess the Dragon Ball Character and see how many of them you can guess. Guess the Dragon Ball...
Letter Slider
David Patton
Slide the letters to make a word in this take on the classic 15 tile puzzle.
Anagram: Unjumble
Unjumble the anagrams as fast as you can. This simple yet addictive word game keeps you brain sharp and improves your vocabulary. This game is ideal for fans of Boggle and Scrabble. The app provides seven difficulty...
Hey! 4 Actors 1 Movie - Guess the movie with these celebrities
Guess the movie in which these 4 actors were in together.
Oh Hex
Pathlight Software
** LAUNCH SPECIAL ** Free through November 10th ... regular price is $1.99! "A Word Search Turf Battle" Tutorial video at vimeo.com/78208287 Play words on the hex grid to claim territory. Take back tiles from your...
Code Word World
The infamous Codeword puzzle played all around the world. Fill in missing letters to complete words. Each letter corresponds to a number from 1 to 26. Filling in a letter in a square automatically fills it in in all...
Brandmania - The Best Fun and Free Brand and Logo Words Game - Guess the Word
STC Apps
Are you ready to prove yourself as the master of all the world's Brands? Then check out Brandmania, the FREE mind-bending trivia game! This addictive word game is easy to play but tough to put down. Just look at the...
Celeb word mania! A celebrity hype pica game to guess who's that iconic famous actors face
VZO entertainment
Do you love celebrity gossip? What about fun and addictive celebrity trivia games? If so, you will love this game. Remove puzzle pieces to uncover celebrity photos. Don't know the answer? Use hints, skips and...
Guess the brand! - Logo Quiz
Abdulrahman Alqadiri
The coolest game of its kind! Challenge yourself to guess the names of famous brands. See how many you can recognize!
Logos Pop Quiz
From the creators of #1 app "Guess That Thingy" comes "Logos Pop Quiz". Logos Pop Quiz challenges you to solve over 200 logo puzzles that are extremely interesting and fun. It's guaranteed to keep you entertained for...
iGuess for Popular Anime Characters of All Time Pro ( Pictures Attack on Titan Edition Quiz )
Panatda Thianthae
iGuess for Popular Anime Characters of All Time ( Attack on Titan Edition Quiz ) ***For Pro version Ads is ZERO ,Start with 500 coins and DOUBLE COINS ( *2 with free version) when you made In-App purchase.*** Discover...
iGuess for Popular Anime Characters of All Time Free ( Pictures Puzzle Attack on Titan Edition Quiz )
Panatda Thianthae
iGuess for Popular Anime Characters of All Time ( Attack on Titan Edition Quiz ) ***For Free version support with Ads ,Start with 100 coins.*** Discover Popular Attack on Titan Characters ( 進撃の巨人 Shingeki no...
Aero Words
Five Deer Ltd
Aero Words is a word game designed for families. We hope this game can bring family members together for an enjoyable moment talking to each other. THE SETUP Ask friends or family players to sit together, either around...
Super Picture Word Match Deluxe HD
Zikati Games Ltd
What's the word that you are looking for? 3 different game modes Classic 4 pics - Look at the four pictures, find out what they have in common 2 pictures+ - start off with 2 pictures and try to guess their relationship...