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Addictive Trivia: Harry Potter Spells Edition - fun quiz games for free
VZO entertainment
Are you a huge fan of Harry Potter? Play the most fun trivia game - and test your knowledge of the classic Harry Potter series!! Have a blast playing!!
Alternate Worlds, Inc
Flogo is an original two player word game for iPad. Have fun with your friends using Game Center! Make words from 11 racks of 11 letters each. The bigger the better. Using higher valued tiles? Even better. Block your...
Football Heroes™ - EPL Edition
Wise Hero Limited
【Play Football Heroes™ - EPL Edition now】 Are you a real Premier League football fan? Play the ultimate game for football experts by guessing football players using only 4 picture clues! Are you up for the...
Alice in wordland for kids
Ivanovich Games
This original mix of styles by the creators of Letris allows you to discover a new, unusual and relaxing way to play with words. SPECIAL FOR KIDS Simplest levels. No inApp purchases & No Advertisement EASY TO PLAY...
Guess The Wrestler Quiz
Tomasz Wroblewski
Guess popular wrestlers with Guess The Wrestler Quiz best PICS QUIZ Divided into 10 levels you will find 160 wrestlers! Can you guess them all? Have great fun with Guess Wrestling and see how many wrestlers you can...
한글 퍼즐: 단어 찾기
세상의 모든 말을 찾아서! 한글을 이용한 색다른 단어 퍼즐 게임! 한글은 24개의 자모로 세상의 거의 모든 소리를 담을 수 있는 문자입니다. 각각의 자모를 퍼즐...
A1 Englisch Paid
J Schwarzkopf
****** DIESE VERSION IST OHNE WERBUNG ****** Mit diesem Quiz lernen Sie spielend den europäischen Zertifikatswortschatz A1 Deutsch - Englisch! Egal ob Sie ihre Bewerbungsmappe mit einem Zertifikat aufwerten, Ihre...
Story Pieces
Lachlan T Potts
Create amazing stories with this innovative new word game. Invite your friends, take turns in devising lines, and watch the game progress. There is one catch - you only get to see one line of the story, meaning you'll...
넌센스 재밌는 퀴즈
Naeun Zang
----------------- 게임 소개 ----------------- 1) 중학생과 고등학생이 타는 차는 뭘까요? .............. 답은 중고차! 2) 그럼 소녀시대가 타는 차가 뭘까요? ............. 답은...
Christmas Game - Guess the X-mas word
Mario Guenther-Bruns
Challenge your Christmas and holiday knowledge - guess who or what! A gift bringer? A Christmas carol? Something festive to eat? Find the word! You like the Post-it on your Forehead Game? Than you'll definitely love...
CountryMania - guess country by photography. A fascinating photo quiz. Attractions from all around the world in the one application
Anton Kartunov
"CountryMania" - is a fun game where you have to guess the country by their photographs. The essence of the game - collect from the proposed letters the name of the country in which the object is located in the photo....
Guess the Ice Hockey Player - NHL Star edition Trivia Photo Quiz
Jessica Clarke
What is your hockey poison? The Blackhawks, Jets, Blues, Lightning, Flyers, Devils, Islanders, Rangers? We all love NHL.. hockey rules and today we want to know how much you know about NHL. That's why we have created...
Seizo Mazer
It’s a new twist on a classic: Two Word Jumbles! Test your celebrity knowledge with the first installment: Famous People. New questions/categories will be added regularly for FREE. It’s fast paced, addictive and...
Vida de Programador?
Have you already guessed something today? The best guessing game available, totally free! Guess the title from 'Vida de Programador' comic strips! Free hints to be used when you get stuck! - Place a correct letter on...
A Prom High School Sim Story: a romance dating night surviving otome game for girls
Quicksand Playground
What can go wrong at the Prom?!?! Play an interactive story game that follows one crazy prom night!! "Sooo much fun!! I recommend it for you and the entire family"
Guess the Animal Quiz-Kids Edition
Let's Have Fun Apps
DO YOU KNOW YOUR CAT FROM YOUR DOG!? Then prove it in this fun and colourful quiz! Great for children and families to test their knowledge and have fun! All rights, content and trademarks are owned by their respective...
Allo! Guess the F1 Driver - Formula One Fan Trivia Challenge and Pic Quiz
Once a F1 fan, you are a F1 one for ever. Why do we love F1 so much? difficult to know, but in this unique trivia we want to get only the real F1 fanatics to play and tell us if they can identify the top F1 drivers of...
Allo! Hip Hop Star Trivia - Guess the Rap Singer Photo Mania
Music? Some people claim they love music… but when you ask them about some awesome hip hop singers, they have no idea. Are you a real music lover? Love hip hop? how many amazing hip hop stars can you identify…. ?...
Bookworm Word Blender: Search Puzzle Friend Pro
Tracey Webster
**Classic Puzzler game** **Fun time waster** One, two three - Can you blend the words together? Match three words together to win.
Tug of Words
Trivial Technology
"Forget the completely casual encounters of the past and prepare yourself for a fast-paced triple trouble conflict." - AppAdvice Get ready for a thrilling war of words! An epic reimagining of board game gameplay, Tug...