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HangMan Classic!
HangMan Classic is an off the wall word puzzler that will keep you coming back for more. Select letters to uncover the puzzle. For every incorrect guess will be drawn another part of the HangMan. After each complete...
Nicholas Wood
Nonagram the infamous word game. Find as many words as possible using the 9 letters available including the middle letter in each word. Daily scoreboards and a global leaderboard!
Learning Compound Words
Learning Compound Words is the best game with interesting and fascinating tasks, where you can test your brain skills and know more about compound words of english language! This is a perfect way to learn english...
Jan Jefferson Pua
Anime Knowledge is a game that will test your knowledge with the anime you know and love.
A Guess The Logo Trivia Quiz Game - awesome brand and company symbols
Ashfak Ahmed
Test your memory and guess the Logo!Prove you're the best with 50 levels and many mystery Puzzles to solve. Features ====== 1. Simple, instant fun! 2. Regular updates, everlasting fun! 3. Play with friends, shared fun!...
Плакаты СССР. Угадай слово! Уникальная викторина для настоящих ценителей советской эпохи
Emperor Lab LLP
Лучшие советские плакаты ждут тебя, товарищ! Но в каждом из них пропущено одно слово. Угадаешь какое? Подставляй буквы,...
Language Quest - Translation GAME
Daniel Viktorin
Become a master of the vocabulary and learn gradually any of 18 languages (3666 common words per each language) or just test yourself. Start learning words with a lot of fun and a minimum effort. This is the GAME, not...
Credemo - Word Creation
Kaiser Software & Consulting Ltd.
Credemo (pronounced krey-dey-moh) – is a word creation game. The aim of the game is to create as many words as possible from the letters of a given base word. To that end, letters from a selected base word are placed...
Плюшки для мозга
Sergey Rozhok
Картинки-головоломки в которых вам предстоит использовать как примёмы ребусов так и обычные логически рассуждения,...
Blindfire Games, LLC
Put those big words of yours to REAL use and save the world! The malevolent Obliviates have invaded the land and can only be stopped by your daring words and devious Powers. So dust off those SAT flash cards, burn...
Act It-Out
Rene Jorge
Great game for family and friends! Enjoy over 2000+ items to act out. Compete agains your family and friends and prove your great acting skills! Features: - Multiple items to act - Change time for users to act topic -...
Faruk Adiloglu
kelime bulma oyunu
Bens Cartoon Adventure Puzzle
Crush IT Studios Ltd
KIDS LOVE BEN AND THEY LOVE A CHALLENGE. !!!DOWNLOAD THIS FUN PUZZLE NOW.!!! Suitable for kids of all ages and super easy to use.
My Pretty Flying Unicorn PRO
Divi Tree Software, LLC
Pro version: No ads and most characters unlocked. It’s a magical experience as flying unicorns soar across the sky. Share in this mysterious world as these colourful flying unicorns fly upwards, avoiding fireballs,...
Bible Word Search - A Christian Word Find Game
Saved Games, Inc
Have a lot of fun finding words and themes from the Bible. Word Searches are a great way to keep your mind sharp and what better way to do so than by finding biblically themed words. Need help? Choose the hint button...
ABC met Vuurhoutjie
Ernic Innovative
Afrikaans: Kom leer saam met Vuurhoutjie die alfabet * Vuurhoutjie is ’n lewenslustige, energieke en vurige mannetjie wat brand om jou te leer. * Die alombekende stem van Magda van Biljon bring nuwe lewe aan die...
ASL Word Lineup
MmpApps Corp.
ASL WORD LINEUP is a unique game of word making. To help you learn American Sign Language fingerspelling, ASL symbols are used instead of letters. Given a set of random letters, arrange them into words. Longer words...
Jon Williams
An addictive anagram word game exclusively for iPad! Within two minutes, make as many words as possible using the letters provided. Guess the longest word to continue to the next level, but watch out - levels get more...
Celeb Voice Quiz
WHO HAS CHANGED YOUR LIFE? Test yourself how many popular celebrities from TV, films, magazines or historical inventors who have influenced your life! But, how many of them can you recognize? Celeb Quiz is a game full...
American Football Quiz - Ultimate Annual Championship Game Heroes and Legends Challenge - Free Version
Sbubs Ltd
Love Superbowl and Football.... How much of a FAN are you? Test your knowledge!! ** Win Coins with correct answers ** Use coins to help ** Simple! Loads of images to guess! Download NOW and start the challenge! All...