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Fast Finger First
Khang Nguyen
Let's see how fast you are to arrange 4 options in the correct orders.
Mercury Intermedia, Inc.
Challenge your friends in the fun strategic word game that combines classic crosswords with the spirit of friendly competition! In Crossly™, two players race to fill the board, earning one point per letter and...
Word Tumbler
Alexander Hui
Word Tumbler is a word game that challenges you to flex your mind and tests your ability to quickly create words on the fly. GAME MODES 1. Standard Mode - The goal is to try to create a different word from the word...
WordWOW - Word finding frenzy
DonkeySoft Inc.
***** (5/5) "WordWow is an explosion of thought-provoking, perplexing, and thrilling fun for almost all ages." - AppAdvice WordWOW is a word game where you make words to dig deeper into the ground. As you dig down,...
Wedding & Shopping Dash - Kardashian & Kanye Edition
Goober Fun Apps
OMG! Hilarious fun. Crazy Celebrity Parody as Kim throws wads of money at Paparazzi, Media trucks, you name it! Did a wedding dress fly past? Is that a wedding ring? Is that Kanye? I don’t know but he looks lost and...
Synonymz - A Synonym Word Find Quiz
Adrenaline Punch
Each level presents a synonym word find of a common English word. Find another word that means the same thing. 100 synonyms and counting... Can you guess them all?
Guess The Amazing Celebrities Selfies Quiz - Free Version
Cool Fun Apps Ltd
POSE POSE POSE....it's what the Selfies are all about...but WE LOVE IT!!! Download this awesome CELEBRITY SELFIES QUIZ and see how many idols and legends you can get right!!! You can even CHALLENGE your buddies with...
Jet Aircraft Quiz : Guess Fixed Wing Boeing Airplane Word Game
Pittaya Sattaboon
Jet Aircraft Guess Game It is the most fun game for those who love Jet Aircraft. Lots of pictures in more than 290 levels are awaiting you to guess. Let's see if you can prove it! - Compete with players from all over...
Logo Jumble Quiz Pro - No Adverts
Wicked Fun Games
Pro Version - No Adverts How much do you LOVE Logo quizzes!! Check out this AWESOME quiz! Logos have been jumbled up...can you GUESS them all!! You can even challenge your friends!! Play With Friends Correct Answers -...
Animation cartoon character quiz guess
Dmitry Zakharov
The most complete character pixel trivia game is here! HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THESE CHARACTERS FROM THE ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS? Have a look at the image and guess the character. Its simple to play and a lot of fun. This...
Wreck It Riddles - Guess the Brain Teaser
"Take off my skin -- I won't cry, but you will! What am I?" "You answer me, although I never ask you questions. What am I?" ... and hundreds more! If you like riddles, you're really going to love Wreck It Riddles! With...
Close up Celebrity Quiz Game
Karan Khairajani
The most popular CELEBRITIES packed into one game. HOW MANY OF THEM DO YOU KNOW? Have a look at the close up image of the celebrity and guess who it is. Game is extremely simple to play and at the same time it is a lot...
4 Pics 2 Words
John Funka
Introducing 4 pics 2 words! The newest edition of the game 4 pics 1 word. Attempt to guess the 2 words described by 4 unique pictures. You will find 100 puzzles that challenge your mind with entertaining and addictive...
Animals Guess Quiz
Pittaya Sattaboon
Animals Guess Quiz. Guess the 300+ animals. GoodLuck Let's see if you can prove it! - Compete with players from all over the world! - Make bids, take risks, and earn coins! - Get to the top of the leaderboard in Game...
100 Cartoon Quiz
Poptacular Ltd
DOWNLOAD NOW ITS FREE! - Easy to play: just guess the cartoon characters - Starts easy ... gets hard! - Win coins for correct pictures guessed - Use less clues = win more coins!
Kunal Sonar
An addictive tile based word game to test your lexical skills combined with speed and strategy. Use a variety of stationery like ink bottles, erasers, scissors and dusters in different modes to make as many words as...
Whats the Defect? Find the Difference Puzzle game
S.Mehdi Nabavi Zadeh
What's the Defects is the delicious and addictive puzzle game for all people. It is a brain training app! There is two high quality images which are the same. Spot the difference between two pictures as fast as...
100 Catchphrase Quiz
Poptacular Ltd
LOVE CATCHPHRASES? - Easy to play: just guess the catchphrase - Say what you see! - Starts easy ... gets hard! - Win coins for correct pictures guessed - Use less clues = win more coins! (Icon answer = Top 100!)
A Guess the Pop Artist! – Logo Quiz Trivia Of Favourite Singer
Test your memory and guess the Pop Artist!Prove you're the best with 50 levels and many mystery Puzzles to solve. Features ====== 1. Simple, instant fun! 2. Regular updates, everlasting fun! 3. Play with friends,...
Guess The Character Word Game - Close Up Shadow Quiz Of TV Movie Pop And Cartoon HD FREE
Relapse Ltd
******** Free Guess the Character Game! ******** ********* Hours of addicting guesswork ********* Are you a movie or cartoon buff? Show your prowess through a fun, interactive and entertaining way. Test your skills in...