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Buzzword Bingo
Mobiguo Apps
Tired of sitting in meeting after meeting where little is said or done? Sick of hearing colleagues ramble using multi--syllable jargon rarely heard outside the conference room’s door? Get your revenge with BUZZWORD...
Dr. Knowledge
Can We Technology Company
A new professor, Dr. Knowledge, has arrivied. There are 1700+ questions in entertainments, geography,history, literature, maths, scienc and general knowledge. It is time to challenge your knowledge and learn more. See...
Claire Harrison
Solve the hundreds of cryptogram and crypto family puzzles included in the game or add your own for even more fun. Features: - cryptograms, cryptoquiz and cryptoquotes - full editing to add your own puzzles (in...
Smile*Man (British) in the U.K.
***** NEW! Smile*Man European Series ***** Available now:- ... Smile*Man (British) in the U.K. .. ... Smile*Man (Deutsch) in Germany ... • Customized for each Country with local content and language support. • New...
Konstroo This!
All Of Zero
What happens when you combine text twist with scrabble? Introducing Konstroo This! a game of words. Wurdle lovers rejoice! Another simple fun word game for your pleasure. The object is to decipher or formulate words by...
UNIQUE Corporation
TWENTY FIVE is a game that requires you to make English words out of 25 alphabets you have been given. The rule is simple. Make English words out of the alphabets in the panel within the time limit. It's a mind puzzle...
Twistism Extreme
Paul Bentley
Twistism Extreme is a simple yet captivating anagram game played against the clock. You are given six letters to make words with. Points are awarded for word size; once a target score has been reached the letters can...
Brain Blaze Spelling Flashcards
IMAK Creations
IMAK Creations presents Brain Blaze Spelling, an app that will help you become smarter than your spell checker. Many people have gotten used to relying on their computers to spell for them. Quiz yourself on the lost...
Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition
Join host Regis Philbin in the official iPhone / iPod touch version of Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition, a modern update of one of television's greatest game shows. Based on the new hit show, players team up with...
Quick Draw
Swipe Interactive
Play a pictionary-style game online with Quick Draw. Quick Draw is a fast and furious multiplayer drawing and guessing game guaranteed to get you hooked! Play online against others, earning points by drawing well and...
Extreme Letters
ILM Informatique
The eXtreme challenge. Place cascading letters and form the longest possible words to give yourself a chance to reach the high scores. This time the minimum length is 4 ! Words can be created vertically and...
W&M-Wordsearch & Minesweeper
Wordsearch & Minesweeper Lite (W&M Lite) combiens two classic puzzles into a single entertaining game. The object of the game is to identify all the hidden words in the letter grid without stepping on a mine. Since the...
Paul Jacobs
The Wordipus is obsessed with unscrambling letters and finding words inside. He can help even the odds for yourself or a friend in any words-from-letters type game, and help you and your opponent learn more while...
Magic Words Arcanum
Audacity Software Pte. Ltd.
******* Pocket Gamer Bronze Award Winner! ******* "Words are the instruments by which you aspire to greatness in Magic Words Arcanum. No black magic to be found in this wordy role-playing game, although there are some...
Find a Friend
Just Makes Sense
Find a Friend is not just your average word search game. In this game you will be searching for the names of people in your address book. The more friends you have, the more you can find. Not only will you enjoy the...
John Haney Software
The popular newspaper puzzle, now in your pocket. Also known as cryptograms, CryptoQuotes have each letter replaced with some other letter. Compete against others in a Daily Speed Challenge or work at your own pace...
Jumbled Word Helper MAX
JL Software
NO ADS! Top 40 in Word Games for over a year! The ultimate unscrambler for word game fans, Jumbled Word Helper MAX takes any scrambled word from 4 to 15 letters, and quickly displays ALL same-length and smaller words...
Seahorse Software
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a "thank you" to our loyal customers of our other programs, we are now making AquaWord available for free. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The goal of AquaWord is to...
White Letters Lite
ILM Informatique
It is time to dig your dusty dictionary out of the closet. Place cascading letters and form the longest possible words to give yourself a chance to reach the high scores. Words can be created vertically and...
Spelling Bee!
Better Day Wireless
Ever wonder if you have what it takes to be the National Spelling Bee Champ? Curious about how hard it would be to spell all those words? Now you can find out with Spelling Bee which uses only words taken from the...