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Fact or Crap: The Game

by Griffin Technology
Fact or Crap: The Truly Bizarre Trivia Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

There are trivia games. Then there's Fact or Crap, the trivia game with attitude. In this fast-paced game, your aim is to wow your opponents with how much you know. From day-to-day facts to the edges of the truly bizarre, you have just seconds to judge whether or not the question before you is Fact? Or Crap?

The National Geographic Society once released an album of whale mating calls set to disco beats. Fact? Or Crap?

Answer quickly and correctly, win all the tokens and triumph. Answer too many questions incorrectly, pay out your tokens and hang your head in shame. Play against a partner or take on Fact or Crap's built-in opponents. Fact or Crap tracks your wins and challenges you with unlockable Achievements along the way.

Download Fact or Crap today and begin your quest for world trivial domination. (The whale song question is, in fact, crap. Though it would be awesome were it true.)

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Fact or Crap: The Game Fact or Crap: The Game Fact or Crap: The Game Fact or Crap: The Game Fact or Crap: The Game

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