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Tap and Drop (No Ads)
Huan He
Tap: tap the green bricks to make the bricks disappear. If the ball collides with any of the bricks, the game will be over. You will earn one each time you tap a brick Drop: Tap on the left and right side of the screen...
dodge master
xin pei jia
忍者怎么可以受到伤害! 在这种条件下,你能坚持多长时间呢? 是30秒还是还是1分钟?抑或是逃避大师(5分钟以上)...
Chisla - A Unique Mathematical Puzzle Game
Anton Boyarkin
Challenge yourself with this math game. Combine the numbers to match the target. You have only 15 seconds to make each decision. Climb the leaderboard and Challenge your friends!
Judy's Fashion Designer
Practice Judy's fashion talent and sense of style by designing Judy's very own super stylish dress! Choose the perfect combination of top, waist and bottom, pick the proper color for each detail and sew the dress. And...
Guess the Sports Team Logo Pro
Tapgang - Top Free Games and Apps LLC
Do you know your Professional Sports, Are you a true Fanatic? Now its time to Guess the Sports Team. Top leagues like NBA, NFL, MLB and More Included FREE! Have a great fun with Guess the Sports team logo and see how...
Mikhail Kudryavtsev
You have 31 seconds to prove that you're a cinemagoer!
Beat My Score
Ben Soohoo
Beat My Score You start at 0. Answer the quiz questions correctly to raise your score. Play mini games to rack up on lives. Complete all 27 achievements for bragging rights But remember, everything is timed! Warning:...
Reazione a Catena
Rai Net
Reazione a Catena arriva sul tuo smartphone! Entra nel vivo del game di Rai Uno, allena la tua mente completando catene di parole, metti alla prova l’intuito, la fantasia e la padronanza della lingua italiana....
Kai Lv
Explore those Chinese characters and the glamorous culture! How much score did you win for this crazy game? Hahahaha! wrong + different = wronfferent Find! Find! And Find!
لعبة المعرفة الإسلامية لاعبين - صح أم خطأ
Tamatem Inc.
لعبة المعرفة الإسلامية لاعبين - صح أم خطأ ليست كغيرها من الألعاب الدينية، لعبة شيقة وممتعة تتحدى ذكاءك ومعرفتك بالاسلام...
Guess Anime - Quiz game for Fairy Tail Anime Characters
Satya Thakur
Guess pic game for Popular Anime Characters of Fairy Tail and Bleach Anime all at one place. Test your brain! Reveal the pictures of anime images & Guess that name!!! Everyone loves the guessing, let JOIN THE FUN NOW!...
Animal Faces LR
Eiji Ichikawa
A correct answer is only one in what direction of the face of an animal reversed. Find it quickly.
Sara Canducci
Non è un quiz, non son parole crociate... è Alphable, una simpatica rivisitazione in chiave moderna di tutti questi giochi uniti a quello dell "Impiccato". Avrete a disposizione 60 secondi di tempo per rispondere...
AP Puzzles
We've turned classic footage from Associated Press & British Movietone into Touch-Screen Video Puzzles for your iPhone or iPad! We're just getting started with tons of new video puzzles coming every month! -They make...
¿Desea ser Millonario? El trivial en español con preguntas sobre deportes, musica, logos y otros temas ¡Desafiante y divertido!
Ana Gonzalez
¿Desea ser millonario? ¡Quién no! El famoso concurso de preguntas de la tele ahora en tu iPhone o iPad. Más de 2.000 preguntas y dos modos de juego para poner a prueba tus conocimientos y demostrar que te mereces...
Simulado OBA Nivel 2 PRO
Leandro Oliveira
Simulado OBA PRO! Versão completa com mais questões, agora das provas de 1998 a 2013. Divirta-se enquanto estuda! Simulado para a prova da Olimpíada Brasileira de Astronomia e Astronáutica (OBA). As perguntas são...
Quiz Millionnaire Français Premium
Marco Batista
Le jeu le plus populaire de la connaissance générale est maintenant disponible pour iPhone/iPad. Télécharger le jeu, s'amuser, apprendre et montrer ce que vous êtes capable ! Voici une brève introduction: - Le...
Greek Mythology Trivia Game
Hasan Cakir
Test and increase your greek mythology & greek gods and goddesses knowledge answering the questions with this Trivia Game. By the way, entertained you while learning new facts about greek mythology playing trivia and...
Wiz Quiz Football Trivia Game - Ad Free version
Ready for the MOST FUN, BIGGEST, TOUGHEST, most ADDICTIVE Football Trivia game in the App Store? Download NOW! Starts with 200+ questions, with new questions added and tough challenges and achievements! If you think...
Das SerienQuiz
Marc Nikolic
Das Serien Quiz im deutschen AppStore Optimiert für iOS 7 / Retina 4-Inch (iPhone 5) Beantworten Sie Fragen zu (momentan) Two and a half Men und Big Bang Theory. Weiter Serien, wie zum Beispiel, Scrubs, Breaking Bad,...