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Blaze up the fire and have lightning strike upon the board! With the strategic and fever-pitched aggressive tactics, the 3D effects will now make your iPhone even more thrilling!
"HOT REVERSI HD" won the No. 1 position in the share board game ranking of AppStore on June, 2010. Now we are offering the greatest board game ever on the iPhone! (iOS4.2 and above).
It keeps the exhilarating and competitive feeling alive whilst focusing on an even more playful spirit on the iPhone.
A new Reversi game which has been retained fundamentally - "HOT REVERSI Ultimate" has rolled out.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Battle each other and fight over the field with black and white pieces, whilst extending your territory by flipping over the opponents pieces. This is a delightful game when clipping the pieces and beating the opponent with this clever style of play. "HOT REVERSI Ultimate" keeps the original concepts of the game alive. The stronger your moves, the more powerful the effects will be, such as the fire and lightning strikes on the board, as well as the 3D effects giving the sensation of "firing a gun", which helps add a realistic and life like effect when pointing the pieces. These addictive characteristics of the game helps keep the adrenalin pumped as well increasing the aggressiveness of the match. (Players can select from fire type or lightning type effects). The detonation effect will also help heat things up with a booming roar!!

Newly- built the "Battle mode" to develop the iPhones's appeal.
"Battle mode" is created to beat up the different characters on the CPU and advance to the next stage.
There are 6 different strategic and proficient types of CPU (1- player mode) waiting for your attack. The CPU game play will gradually become harder and harder until it blows your mind.
For those who want to play it to kill the time, or even for the individual, the game will maintain a high level of enjoyment.

It's not just the name - The height of Ultimate.
Even for old school Reversi fanatics this new addition will bring a whole new level of appreciation for the game. On the final stage of the battle mode, it will show the site of your battle for all of the six stages. How many pieces you take throughout the stages and how heavily you beat up the CPU- you will enjoy the endless challenges that the game has to offer.

Enjoy on 2 player mode using the HOT SWITCH to "toss the table".
The feature of fire and lightning on HOT REVERSI gives a whole new level of fascination when played on the iPhone. The RED HOT SWITCH feature provides an awesome quality of play by boosting the battle mode. Use the HOT SWITCH to "toss the table" disrupting your opponent's concentration. This feature allows you to shake the board, disrupting your opponent's pieces, adding to the mind bending nature that is, HOT REVERSI.

Where can you play HOT REVERSI Ultimate when alone?
. Waiting for the bus or train
. After a hard day's work
. At a bar waiting for friends
. On your bed or sofa

Where can you play HOT REVERSI Ultimate with someone else?
. Showing off your iPhone
. At a party
. In a boring lecture

The possibilities are endless!!

Recent changes:
List of features * Reversi created with 3D effects to make for more exciting battles on your iPhone. * Implement the "UNDO" feature to redo the previous move in 2 player mode. * Select either 2 player mode or 1 player mode (choice from 6 CPU) and battle mode (knockout competition). * Fire and lightning effects on each player's moves. * Choice of one of the above mentioned effects. * Keep the popular fireball and increase the lightning effect. * Blow up the fire or lightning with your moves. * Select a 4 stage 3D viewpoint that allows richer enjoyment of these effects (from overhead to oblique viewpoints). * The tilt sensor allows players to view the board even when the iPhone is tilted at a diagonal angle. * The BGM helps keep the game from becoming to incandescent. * Press the RED HOT SWITCH to shake the board. * Turn the effects off to enjoy the classic game of Reversi. * Resume play where you left off after starting. * Choose from 5 colors of the board and background. * Going back to the title menu allows for a rematch. Ver1.01 A large icon is revised. Japanese language is applied.

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