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by Tangent Worlds
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Use your arsenal of upgradable weapons to defend your base from the invading robots!

Suppression is a Tower Defense inspired game with a focus on active gameplay rather than passive gameplay. You'll use tap and drag gestures to use your weapons, but you can also set up turrets to help finish enemies off.

You'll face 6 bosses, each with a unique tactic required to defeat them.

- Auto save after each wave.
- 6 weapons (3 tap, 3 drag)
- EMP Mine
- Artillery
- Acid Cloud
- Airstrike
- Stasis Bubble
- ION Cannon
- Plus the "Oscillator". Shake your device to effect certain enemies.
- Hand drawn art.
- Base upgrades (3 levels of upgrades, 9 items)
- Earn points to spend on upgrades.
- Choose among the Tesla Cannon, Laser Turret, Base Restoration Device, and others!
- Improve existing weapons, reducing cooldowns, increasing damage, and more!
- Fight 6 bosses across 60 waves!
- In-game help

Known Issues:
- In iPhone OS 4, there are several graphics glitches. We will be fixing these as soon as possible.

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Recent changes:
- Performance improvements.

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Suppression Suppression Suppression Suppression Suppression

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