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Rogue Vertex Online

by Tangent Worlds
RVO is a persistent online game taking place in a universe where 4 factions are at war. Choose a class, train your abilities, and work together to achieve the unthinkable.

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User Comments:
- "This game is in it's own league of it's genre and it has the support of the devs."
- "Unique gameplay. Possibly enough to remove itself from the genre..."
- "... a wonderful, solid game."
- "There really isn't any game quite like it in the app store..."
- "The community is great, and it's still really young. It reeeeeally tests the strategic side of my brain. And I love that."
- "Is anyone elses partner starting dislike RVO? Mine says she was worried I might be having an affair to start with, because I'm always checking my phone!"
- "I came in after randomly looking at RPG games based off of release date just to see if anything cool came out. I haven't needed to pay for an iPhone game app since, so I'd say the $3 price is a HUGE value."
- "Great update. The improvements to speed and stability are impressive, and I already considered this app fast beforehand."
- "I like that RVO consumed my life the last three days while I was strategizing how to try and keep [Kinrat Beta V]. That is why I love it. That battle was intense. I also love the community here. Our team was really into it also and I think that is why we held the planet for so long."
- "Never before has an iOS game sucked me in like this. I just realized I've been playing for six weeks, and I'm playing more frequently now than I did in the beginning. RVO definitely passes my litmus test of a great game, which is why I'm giving it 5-stars."
- "...I can't put it down. I absolutely love this game. This game is only getting better and better and I look forward to a long tenure in this game."

- Choose a class: Soldier, Engineer, or Special Ops.
- Spend points on abilities like Nuke, Sabotage, and Laser Barrage.
- Conquer Planets to help your empire control the universe.
- Train skills to help you achieve your goals.
- Complete Missions and level up.
- Build factories, resource gatherers, and orbital cannons.
- Craft items and sell them on the marketplace (where other players can buy them).
- Equip your ship with weapons, shields, armor and other items.
- Work with and against other players.
- Earn achievements.
- HD graphics/Retina display support.
- In-game friend list.
- In-game messaging system.
- Leaderboards.
- Tutorial.
- Push notifications.

This game is not about cheap thrills and instant gratification, but about long-term satisfaction without having to spend a lot of time micro-managing. This is a game you'll be playing for months! Join the RVO community and have fun :)

Recently Added - all for FREE:
- New missions and a higher level cap.
- Moved to better, faster server.
- All new interface.
- All new combat system, jointly designed with the community.

This is an online game and a 3G or WiFi connection is required.

If you have any issues registering in-game, please contact support.

We reward good bug reports and feedback with in-game credits, XP, resources and more! Contact us at and visit the official game forums at

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Recent changes:
3.1.0 - iOS 5 compatibility fixes. - A brand new networking engine that should bring more speed and stability to the game. 3.0.4 - Bug fix to the combat overlay, where opening it after setting an ability will reset your selected ability to the base attack. - Added "Abandon Mission" button to the mission screen. 3.0.3 - Each ability button now has its own graphic. 3.0.2 - The combat overlay button (crosshairs) will be visible at all times (on your current planet), allowing non-fighting defenders to use support abilities and queue an initial attack to use if targetted. This will also let players check their abilities at any time. - The combat overlay's ability selection process has changed. Players will be able to tap on an ability to read the description at any time. When they close the overlay, their selection is saved. 3.0.1 - Fixed Ship equip screen tutorial. - Added Ability Training screen tutorial. 3.0.0 - Player classes: Choose between Soldier, Engineer, or Special Ops - Train unique class abilities like Nuke, Reinforce and Sabotage - New resource, Energy, is spent to use abilities. - Damage types (fire, ice, chemical). 2.2.0 - Preparation for RVO 3.0.0 - Removed obsolete UI elements. - Newly re-designed Ship screen. - A new combat icon appears in the bottom bar when you're engaged in combat. Tap it and you'll be able to choose between attacking or making an escape attempt. In the next update, all of your trained abilities will appear here. 2.1.0 - All sub-screens (missions, vendor, assets, etc) have been redesigned. Each screen features animation and a new bottom bar that holds all of the options that you're used to. As a result, the sub-screens are cleaner and more consistent. - You can access the menu from all sub-screens. - Debuff: Yes/No has been changed to a countdown. - Friend List: You can now send messages directly from this screen. - Messages: Added "Compose" button to Inbox view and removed the prompt when tapping on "Messages" on the main menu. Now, this will always take you to the inbox. - Added population percentages to new user screen. Additionally, the empire with the lowest population is selected by default. 2.0.0 - Shiny new interface, featuring animations! - Added a slide-down stats/resources section at the top of every screen. See your stats, level, mission/skill training countdowns, resource counts, credits, and more. - The navigation bar has gone on a diet and is now slimmer. We've taken the extra room on the planet view to show all button labels and expand the combat log section. Stats have been removed from this section, as they're visible in the new stats bar. - You're now able to view your ship equipment while traveling. - Arrival/Skill/Mission timers will no longer show units with a value of 0 (days/hours/minutes), making them easier to read. - New main menu format, providing quicker access to skill training, global upkeep, and other options. - If the travel countdown reaches 0 while you're on the planet view, it will auto-refresh. - Crafting/Assets screens: Double-tap on the slider bar (or touch the quantity text) to pull up text entry for item quantity. - Many other small tweaks!

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