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Star Mancala Pro

by Star Arcade Oy
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Mancala is a mesmerizing form of a game originated in the deepest Africa. The goal in this exotic game is to collect as many stones as possible. By having a more of the stones at the end of the game, you are the winner! A game that you never get tired of!


Mancala is played on a two sided board. At the beginning of the game 24 stones are placed evenly in 6 pits on each side of the board. The goal of the game is to collect the stones from the pits of the board to the larger store on right or try to keep them on own side of the table. The game is played in turns by picking all the stones from a selected pit. Moving counter clockwise the picked stones are dropped to each pit one by one, including player's own store but not the opponent's store. If the last stone gets dropped in the player's store the player gets an additional move. If the last stone gets dropped in an empty pit on the player's own side of the table and the other players opposite pit contains any stones, both the last stone and the opposite stones are captured into the player's store. The game ends when all pits are cleared on either side. The other players remaining stones are added to his store. Who has the most stones captured in his store is the winner.


- Cool graphics
- Ranking system
- Chat
- Stats
- Invite buddies
- and much more!


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Star Mancala Pro Star Mancala Pro Star Mancala Pro Star Mancala Pro Star Mancala Pro

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