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by Mark Damon Hughes
Castles is about the last stand of civilization against barbarism. A hundred barbarians are charging towards your castle. A handful of barricades, a wall, and a small band of heroes must hold the barbarians back.

Castles is a turn-based strategy wargame of using limited reinforcements to shore up collapsing defenses, and using the enemy's aggression to keep them away from your castle.

There are three unit types: Knights are fast strike units: they can move up to the front line quickly, and can kill many Barbarians before dying. Pikemen are cheap defensive units: they block the advance so other units can kill. Archers fire from a distance: any Barbarian in 2 spaces can be killed.

Recent changes:
+ Game state is saved on quit, continued on launch. + Game balance improvements to Knights and Archers! + Knights now degrade to Pikemen when "killed" in battle. + Archers can't attack, but hit more often. Remember, Archers fire after your turn is done, so leave them within 2 spaces of (but not next to) a Barbarian! + Multiple art themes: Knights, Monsters, and Retro. + Cleaner UI.

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