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Warlock and Warrior

by Laxity Media UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) & Co.KG
Welcome in the world of Warlock and Warrior.
Fight the evil Warlock and his minions.
Find the exit of the maze and make this Planet a better place to be.
Play with up to 4 players in the same Wifi Network.

Another world - another time - in the age of wonders!
A thousand years ago, this planet was green and good - until the Warlock appeared and took control.
He created a horde of cruel angry and evil minions which are now criss cross everywhere on the planet.
The minions ravage the land and built strange habitats, scary structures which look like dark creepy labyrinths where they are imprisioned within themselves and where the last surviving residents of the dying planet are captured.
But today, when the first sun climbed to its peak a new warrior appeard on the Planet.
Ready to fight the Warlock and all the minions, to rescue and free the original inhabitants.
Good Luck my unknown Hero!

Select your favorite method to control the main character.
Virtual-controlpad mode will move the character by touching the controller at the left side of the display.
Selecting the touch-slide mode you can move the main character by touch sliding on the left side of the display just in the direction you want to move.
A single touch on the left side will make your character stop.
Touch on the right side of the display in both control modes will fire the weapon.

- Connect same WIFI and play with up to 4 real players
- 20 scary dark and creepy labyrinths
- horde of cruel angry and evil minions
- V-pad and Touch-Slide control mode
- Bunch of ingame extras
- Free of inApplication Billing
- Free of Facebook and Twitter

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Warlock and Warrior Warlock and Warrior Warlock and Warrior Warlock and Warrior Warlock and Warrior

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