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The Counting Dead

by Top Free Best Games
Zombies. Zombies everywhere. More than you could ever count and more than you could ever kill.

Grim and dark take on addicting clicker games. Endless hours of entertainment in this challenging fight for survival. Get ready!

Kill zombies by tapping on your weapon. The more you kill, the better gun you get. Never stop! And remember - you are not alone. Rescue remaining living people, arm them up and let them help you cleanse the world of zombies.

Build a fortress that can withstand thousands upon thousands brainthirsty undeads and save what is left of the human race. It’s in your hands. Literally.


* Deadly weapons for instant zombie slaughter
* Team members to help you eliminate zombies and earn money without your assistance
* Fences and defensive buildings to protect you and your money while you are gone
* Wheel of fortune can change the tide of the battle to your favor... Or not
* Neverending gameplay
* Grim and unique atmosphere

Simple and easy to learn with rewarding mechanics kicking in as you progress, this little game will glue you to your mobile screen for a long time. The easy to understand mechanic, evergrowing content and leaderboards to beat your friends, are all here to bring you fullfilling experience.

Recent changes:
- minor bug fix

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The Counting Dead The Counting Dead The Counting Dead The Counting Dead The Counting Dead

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