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Fruity Jungle Pro
Tasty fruits of the jungle match game, can you match your way through all the levels of delicious fruits?
Flying Saucer Pro
i-Life Mobitech Pvt Ltd
Flying Saucer is a game which recollects all your crazy moments which you have played with your Friends. ----Game Play---- Flying Saucer is an impressive and engaging game.It is a very simple and stirring game designed...
Bonfire Media
This is Blix, a uniquely delightful puzzle game inspired by Blek and Qix. Your colorful squiggles, lines and doodles come to life as they follow your moves to clear dots and pass increasingly-difficult puzzles. Levels...
Joyslink Inc.
▲▲最红最火热最劲爆的《Cindy历险记》登陆APP STORE啦▲▲ √粉创意的游戏玩法有木有!! √可爱性感的小萝莉有木有!! √超炫超酷的魔幻世界有木有!!...
Black and White Dots - Ninja Swipe Dot Puzzle
Mako Apps, LLC
Black and White Dots - Ninja Swipe A Very unique game with unique gameplay Simply created a line that hits certain coloured circles while avoiding others. Every line you create continues to bounce and ricochet off the...
Capital City: The Finance & Strategy Game
Torn Screen Entertainment, Inc.
It’s time to channel your inner-MOGUL and conquer Capital City! Invite up to five friends, choose from one of 11 over-the-top vehicles, hone your strategy, and get ready to make some fast deals! Everything - every...
A High School Prom Nightmare PRO- I'm Dating a Monster! Game for Girl's
Lazy Days, LLC
DOWNLOAD THIS PRO VERSION FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE! This is the story of a beautiful Prom queen and her date turning into something horribly wrong What started out as a nice night as the most popular prom couple turns...
Baby Dragon Splash: Pet Dragonling Training Connection Puzzle Match FREE!
Sunghoon Choi
Looking for ultimate hours of fun time with Puzzle game? Do you think your brain is sharp enough to play this challenging game? Obviously your brain is sharp enough! Then why not play this cool game? “Baby Dragon...
Awesome Salad Maker PRO
G.P. Imports, Inc.
Salad making has never been this simple, fun or yummy! With amazing professional graphics get ready to feel like the ultimate chef! Some of the main features include: -Choose from a wide variety of...
Adelantado Trilogy. Book One (Free)
System Requirements: iPad 2 and above, iPhone 4s and above! A game from the creators of Roads of Rome! The unique strategy hit - Adelantado Trilogy.Book One! Feel what it’s like to be a pioneer in South America!...
Delicious Food Matching Craze Pro - an Extreme Food Lover Puzzle Blitz
Alex Trimble
Yummy foods are lining up! Can you match them all? Delicious Food matching Craze – an Extreme Food Lover Puzzle Blitz is the exciting matching game that will make you use your brain in searching for groups of tasty...
100 Candies - Addictive Tea Time Fun
It is a simple physics based game; just a single tap controlled and takes a very short time to play. How to play: You have to tap on the screen to open the candy containing pot. Buckets are placed on a moving line....
Flying Fairy Fish - A Mystical Wings Adventure
DM Applications LLC (TX)
Mystic creatures are flying up to the sky! Help these beautiful flying fishes jump all the way to the top in this charming adventure! Flying Fairy Fish – A Mystical Wings Adventure is the enchanting and truly...
Black White Piano Keys: Don't Tap White Tiles of the Wooden Keyboard
salim sazzad
DON'T TOUCH ANY WHITE TILE. This is the main rule in this additive game. Is it easy? Everyone can handle it, but not everyone can handle it well. What about you? There are four modes in the game: -Classic mode, get 40...
A Little Squishy Mermaid Princess: Fairy Tale Fishy Reef World PRO - Free Girls Game
Red Chair Publishing, LLC
DOWNLOAD THIS PRO VERSION FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE! This is the story of a beautiful ocean Mermaid and her crazy sea adventure One day our Mermaid was playing with her friends. The next thing she knew she was all...
A Banzai Ninja Shuriken Shooter PRO - Urban Samurai Blade Attack
Red Chair Publishing, LLC
DOWNLOAD THIS PRO VERSION FOR THE BEST EXPERIENCE! You are a short ninja... but you are a very good ninja. It is nighttime, your time to shine. You must protect your village from the evil attacking shuriken ninjas....
Appvl Solutions
Cờ Caro phiên bản online, tham gia chiến đấu, đua top với hàng triệu đối thủ khác. Tính năng: - Bàn cờ linh hoạt, zoom tuỳ ý - Chế độ chơi ngẫu nhiên và chơi cùng bạn bè -...
A Castle Battle Nations Zombie Defence Boys & Kids FREE
Carol Ventra
Check out this new awesome game! Defend your village from zombie invasion by building your castle as high as possible. Earn as much coins as you can as you will need this to buy weapons that you can use on zombies. It...
Beware Planet Earth!
Heed the warning from the red planet, Earthlings! The Martians are about to strike our beloved planet to take our single most valuable resource: cows! Protect Barney's "ladies" in this colorful and whimsical tower...
Burger Xpress Restaurant Lite
iTech Developers Inc.
Attend your guests at the restaurant, and serve them all what they like. Download & Play Today!