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Match Four-Free
Gunjan Kalani
This game is a combination of Connect 4 and Tetris where different fruits fall from the top into a predefined-column and a predetermined-row playing field. A random sequence of fruits fall straight down and you have...
Party Time Slushy Drinks
Goober Fun Apps
Having difficult time dealing with summer heat? Beat that tough heat with a great ice cold drink. This slushie maker game is a great way to turn the heat down this summer time. Sit back, relax and sip on an ice drink...
Team17 Software Ltd
*Special Sale Price* New from the creators of Worms, comes Flockers, a game splattered full of dark humour. Sick of being used as Weapons in the Worms' endless battles, the Sheep decide to make a break for it. Save the...
Taicang Xianzhuo Incorporated Company for Digital Technology
Sudoku Multiboard 2015
Dave Trzebinski
Play your favourite Sudoku Game, linked multi-board. Right now, you can play 3, 4, and 5 linked boards. Millions of levels, and skill set from Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme
3D开放场景超战斗横版格斗手游 超级视觉盛宴,全模式3D,畅享体验 骁勇坐骑天降神兵,微操组队帮派混战 全新趣味玩法,掀新一轮尖叫,即刻开始体验吧...
Lawn Wiper
Chau Hoang
In this game, you have to control lawn mower to clean your garden from garbage items. Let try and discover how much you can do.
Tower Blaster
Andreas Kuster
The Tower Blaster game helps train strategic ability and logic. Build a tower by placing blocks in numerical order, with low blocks at the top of the tower and high blocks at the bottom. To win, finish your tower...
Flying Pony Breezies Premium
albert ventura
Cute flying pony breezies with beautiful graphics. Now with MLP Fluttershy, Rainbow dash, Twilight, Applejack, Rarity pony, Pinkie pie pony and Enjoy this classic game challenging game play. Tap to fly up, down fall,...
leo huang
---单身万岁 撸到没朋友也是值了--- 好玩到没朋友,抱着它玩,即使是玩上一天也不觉得孤独.摆脱单身寂寞,你值得拥有! ---无限关卡 马桶上打发时间好利器---...
What's your limit pro
vipul vaid
Pro Features: * No ads !! * 5000 coins !! Are you ready to push yourself beyond your limits ? Are you ready to beat time ? How long will you survive ? Define your own limits in this endless game.. Join the ultimate...
Zombie Slayer Rush Pro – Deadly Fun with Zombies
Carmen Ghimpau
Are you ready for a zombie attack? Yes – No! Whatever your thinking is, just take out your anger and kill those zombies. Zombie Slayer Rush is one of the most popular action games that will make you fill like a...
Solitaire Pack Pro
Venkata Rajesh
75 GAMES FOR SOLITAIRE ENTHUSIASTS More than 70+ different Solitaire games all in one easy app. All your favorite classics; Klondike, Spider, Tri-Peaks, FreeCell, and much more! This app will give you enough Solitaire...
The Brave Ones – Slingshots and Dragons- Pro
Pear Tree Games LLC
THIS VERSION HAS NO IN GAME BANNER ADS Dragons are approaching to burn you down. So, get ready to defend yourself using sling as weapon and bravery as a tool. In this action packed game face furious dragons and destroy...
Greg Phillips
Fotophrase, a game in which players challenge each other to capture the best picture representation of a random word or phrase. It may sound simple but winning isn't easy, the most creative, humorous or literal meaning...
Monster find the door
George Charles
Very casual game a level, and has the perfect iPhone and iPad computer running performance. Players to move inside the two roles next to the door in accordance with the policy, they need to find a door, Mike omnipotent...
Skylar Thomas
TicTacRainbow, as its name conveys, is nothing more than a color-changing tic-tac-toe game. Unmistakably simple, arguably fun, and undoubtedly colorful, users can change the color of their game and/or mix and match by...
Maze Runner Escape - Labyrinth Getaway Dash FREE
Melting Pot Games
Is your pet capable of running fast in a very crooked path? Play this game now and feel the maze as you let your pet slide on it. The aim of the game is to let the rat run at quick speed and avoid it on stepping away...
Spiral Escape
Information Technology and Marketing Bitsphere TY LTD
A spider is in the centre of the spiral. Try to get it out. Good luck!
Happy Turn
LinQuan Xu
Happy Turn is an interesting puzzle game with beautiful and colorful marbles in which you have to turn same color marbles into the same line.Try to finish with the least amount of moves to get the final golden marble!