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Catch The Egg

by Hudson Entertainment
惻Current version does not work normally on iOS4.2.

Catch the Egg is OpenFeint Enabled.
One simple rule: just catch an egg falling from the sky!

It's so simple that anyone can do it! Even you, your family, or your friends!
Challenge the world record in a brand new sport called "Catch The Egg!" But wait, is it really as easy as it looks?

Simple controls:
Look at the sky first by tilting your iPhone/iPod touch towards the sky to see the egg. Then, just move your iPhone/iPod touch to catch the egg falling from the sky, as if you were doing it for real!

Features of the game:
"Catch The Egg" utilizes the accelerometer of the iPhone/iPod touch to its max!
As you advance through the levels, try to catch new and different eggs!
After each attempt, a replay will let you reflect on what you did right to save the egg, or what you did wrong to allow it to break!
After you're done, you can check out your accomplishments!
Don't worry if you're a beginner: there's a Tutorial Mode!

Think you can beat the world record?
Enjoy! "Catch The Egg"!

Recent changes:
Fixed the problem of OpenFeint Achievements not being able to unlock

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Catch The Egg Catch The Egg Catch The Egg Catch The Egg Catch The Egg

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