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Fizz Baseball Manager 2010 Free

by Fizz Software Ltd.
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At last a baseball manager simulation for the iPhone and iPod Touch has arrived. Baseball Manager can be described as Fantasy Baseball meets The Sims.

You take control of your favorite baseball team and guide them through spring training, the regular season into the post season and hopefully all the way to the World Series. You control everything from player trading and contract negotiations to choosing the starting lineup for each game.

Choose any team from the top two leagues. Trade players, negotiate contracts, deal with your team owner on your path to glory.

Qualify through the regular season to the post season, win the league championship series to reach the world championship series in order to fill your trophy cabinet. Your status will record historical achievements even if you change jobs.

Use the information from your staff to help choose the starting lineup, remember to pick your top pitchers in rotation to avoid them burning out to early in the season. You will have to deal with injuries, whilst fending off the opposition from poaching your players. View detailed information about your player's skill, statistics and contract, all in a simple to use interface.

Farm your young prospects out to the minor leagues to help them gain skills and form, but beware the senior players wont be happy in the minor leagues.

Check out the free agent list to identify players and strengthen your rosters, or just listen to your chief scout. After all he does have a great eye for a player within your budget.

The financial statement and chart will help you keep the owner on your good side by keeping your balance in the black. Also your annual salary cap is available so no need to give your owner an easy way to sack you.

If you fancy a new job then check out the jobs market and see which clubs have vacant posts that might just suit your next challenge.

Your owner will inform you of his expectations prior to the start of the regular season and so if you are exceeding those expectations then other owners may offer you a job with their team. If you are not living up to expectations you may find yourself out of a job altogether.

Play spring training games to help prepare your team for the regular season. Use the training schedules to help improve your rosters. Rotate your Pitchers and keep your outfielders fresh to outwit your opponent.

Full 2D game engine, game statistics, commentary and real time scores from other games help you during the game day. When the game is not going to plan then get stuck into the dugout and change your Pitcher or bring on a Slugger.

View the season schedule, league standings and much more.

Have you got what it takes to be a Baseball Manager?

- Manage a team top two leagues
- Customize team and individual training schedules
- Trade players
- Negotiate player contracts
- Challenge for divisional, league and world championship trophies
- Manage team finances
- View individuals players skills, statistics and contract details
- Scout reports on opposition teams
- Medical team reports on injuries
- Annual salary caps.
- Sackings, resignations and Job markets
- League standing, season schedules and post season draws
- Incredible crowd sound effect, text commentary and 2d match engine
- Play and save multiple games
- Trophy cabinet and full historical status
- In-game help, hints and tips
- Touch the dugout in-game to make team changes
- Real time match statistics and scores
- Regular season expectations and post-season reviews

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Fizz Baseball Manager 2010 Free Fizz Baseball Manager 2010 Free Fizz Baseball Manager 2010 Free Fizz Baseball Manager 2010 Free Fizz Baseball Manager 2010 Free

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