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World RPS

by Hudson Entertainment
World RPS is OpenFeint enabled.
The classic play-anywhere game is taking the battle online and world wide!
It's World RPS for iPhone and iPod Touch bringing epic and addictive rock-paper-scissors gameplay!
Persistent stats keep tabs on your records and world-wide ranking, while optional location awareness allows your opponents to see your general location on a world map, and vice-versa.
Win or lose, your battle and the outcome will be tracked on the map and your previous battle locations will always be able to be viewed at a glance.
Customize your profile; from nickname, to location, to your own motto!
This is your World RPS profile for all to see, so represent!

Rock. Paper. Scissors.

Three symbols, a world of possibilities. Let the games begin.

- Pick up and Play Gameplay
Everyone loves a good match of Rock, Paper, Scissors; now easily accessible to play against people anywhere in the world on iPhone.

- Connectivity
Location-aware gameplay means you’ll have the option to see where your opponent is playing from, and vice-versa!

- Persistent Stats
Keep track of where you score your victories, or where you endured crushing defeat. Your records and locations are all tracked and easy to see at any time.

Recent changes:
World RPS is OpenFeint enabled.

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World RPS World RPS World RPS World RPS World RPS

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