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Knife Dancing

by Headlight Software, Inc.
Now you can play one of the worlds most dangerous games safely on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch! Find out how fast you can stab between your fingers with substantially less risk to yourself than playing with a real knife.

Learn the knife tap pattern to do blazing fast speeds. Start easy with the crayon, and work your way up to intricate patterns with the knives. Think you're fast? See how you compare to your friends and everybody else in the world with online high scores!

Choose to play left or right handed. Even choose your skin tone! The more you play, the more the background gets marked up and nicked by the knives.

✭ Game play videos can be seen at
✭ Knife Dancing is OpenFeint Enabled.
✭ Features In-App Purchase: Free and Full version in one app. Upgrade from the Free version right within the app.

Recent changes:
* Bug fixes

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Knife Dancing Knife Dancing Knife Dancing Knife Dancing Knife Dancing

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