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by Team Chaos LLC
SUPERCHROMA is a story of love, betrayal, selfishness, giving, and most of all... DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN GLORIOUS EXPLOSIONS.

Note: SUPERCHROMA has been targeted specifically to Metal devices (iPhone 5+, iPad Air+); performance/stability on other devices is to be expected and will receive a future patch.

SUPERCHROMA is an Action/RPG set amidst the (procedurally generated) vastness of SPACE. Every time you load the game up, it's hard to know where you'll appear. You will always have access to your handy Secret Base, though. That's right, not only can you kill for fun and profit in SPACE, but you can also build up your own unique base to defend against the vicious hordes that may launch a full-scale invasion at any time. Don't go thinking that you don't have the firepower to stop them, though: on the building side you've got five different types of turrets that can each be leveled up nine times for more firepower. On the ship side, you've got a galaxy chock-full of random loot that you can outfit to one of your twelve unique ships.

And all of this with the most intuitive control experience the mobile shooter has ever seen.

So, play the campaign, explore the reaches of space, pit opposing factions against each other, the choice is yours. Now get out into SPACE!

SUPERCHROMA is the spiritual successor to SPACE COLORS, which was said by critics to be:
* "Space Colors is a trippy, brutal explosion-fest that will keep you hooked for hours." - Cult of Mac
* "These fights just do not get old. Having to destroy enemies from all sides, including giant turrets, ship-spawning carriers, and the occasional enemy base? It's really quite exhilarating, because survival is never guaranteed." - Touch Arcade
* "Space Colors is a well-crafted space shooting game that carries plenty of challenge and a twisted sense of humor." -148 Apps

Recent changes:
- SPACE fixes and improvements.

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