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Elements: Broken Lands

by Team Chaos LLC
Elements: Broken Lands is an addictive, free-to-play, multiplayer, card collection game set in an immersive fantasy world. Fight real players for glory, explore a large world, defeat countless enemies in quests, buy and sell cards in a player-driven marketplace, and evolve and enhance 400+ cards.

"I'm impressed! The game looks beautiful and, more importantly, it's fun and engaging. I'm really enjoying playing it." - Alex Seropian, Co-founder of Bungie the creators of Halo.



* QUESTING: Explore the world and save it while earning unique rewards and engaging a deep leveling system.  Quest through hundreds of unique battles and maps, collect the creatures of the realm and increase your player deck for ultimate supremacy.

* ENHANCEMENT: Collect and enhance hundreds of creature and equipment cards in the game. Creature cards can be evolved into more powerful version and made even stronger by attaching equipment cards to them. Imbuing them with the power of creature cards can make equipment cards more powerful. Boosters can be used to make enhancements even better.

* MARKETPLACE: The Marketplace allows all players full access to a player generated buying and selling trade system. The Market shows detailed data of card values and popular marketplace trends.

* PLAYER VS. PLAYER: Fight in ladder matches and compete with players across the globe. Gain PvP Rewards and climb your way though multiple brackets. Battle to the top and let your name be seen for all in the leaderboards.

* LEADERBOARDS: Leaderboards allows players to grow into competitive brackets and create challenging battles for all users. The rating system keeps players on a balanced scale and allows users to view full reports on their friends and the top players in the game.

Legends say that the four kingdoms of Arastia created powerful elemental creatures and unleashed their rage using them to fight their endless battles. As the war spiraled out of control, heroes rose to fight and contain the corruption. In a final epic clash, the heroes were defeated and the elements tore Arastia apart, leaving what were once marvelous kingdoms to become the Broken Lands.

Now a new hero rises to return Arastia to its former glory and end the corruption that now curses the Broken Lands. As an Elemental Wizard, guided by the Goddess Isiria, you can restore the lands to their former glory…

NOTE: Although this game is completely free to play, in app purchases can be obtained with real money.
NOTE: This game requires an Internet connection to play

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Elements: Broken Lands Elements: Broken Lands Elements: Broken Lands Elements: Broken Lands Elements: Broken Lands

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