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슬레이어즈OL for Kakao
Longfu Zhang
영화와 같은 3D 시각효과 , 독특한 게임방식, 서양 판타지 스타일. 아바타시스템, 귀엽고 멎진코스튬, 화려한 전투화면 등 특색을 보유한 3D ARPG게임입니다 ....
A Super Hero Shave Salon - Ultimate Beard & Shaver Edition
Scott Earle
** 100% FREE! EVERYTHING UNLOCKED!! ** ** SUPER FUN SHAVING GAME!! ** Welcome to your friendly neighborhood beard and shave salon! This is where all the super heroes go to shave that beard and look good for when all...
Monster Die Die Die!
冰 肖
Spill a plethora of deadly solutions to wipe out your enemies! Use turrets to aid in defending! Have fun upgrading various parts on your machines to create the ultimate arsenal! In the Eshaton chaos, brave warriors who...
A Farm Animal Happy Dentist Day PRO
Chubby Buddha Media LLC
****PRO VERSION - No full screen ads**** *****Become the denstist to help all the different farm animals *****Clean teeth, fill cavities, pull rotten teeth and more! *****Use all the different tools that a dentist...
Clumsy Cupid - Race to Cupids Heart Pro Edition
Rhino Mob Productions
****MOST ADDICTING LOVE GAME ON THE PLANET, INSPIRED BY THE WONDERFUL AND HIGHLY MISSED FLAPPY BIRD***** YOU'LL HATE IT... BUT YOU'LL LOVE IT!!! Little Flappy Cupid needs your help! Fly the lovely cupid to hit his love...
Ganja Farm
Vasili Tryndyk
Ganja Farmer is a relaxed weed farming simulator game where you’ll generate income by growing marijuana strains, space cakes and beer, Sell these to hemp smoking customers for profit. Discover a fun and cartoony...
Battle of Legendary Kingdoms Pro
UberZany, LLC
Pro version: No Ads. Most characters unlocked. Long ago, when kings ruled the land and evil lurked everywhere, getting messages out to nearby friendly kingdoms was a challenge. These were desperate times. Even Knights...
로스트판타지 for Kakao
WeMade Entertainment CO., LTD
** 함께하는 재미, 위미(weme)! ** ▶ 스타일리시 비주얼 RPG 로스트판타지 정식 오픈 이벤트!!◀ -아이패드 에어, 문화상품권 등 다양한 경품과 100% 게임아이템이...
Samurai Fishing Pro
Amy Prizer
Rods, reels, hooks and swords! You'll need all of them when you go fishing...Samurai style! Cast your hook as deep as possible into the ocean, then use the tilt controls to reel back as many fish as you can. Finally,...
Potato At Dentist
shannan lipp
Potato is suffering from a tooth ache, so you'll need to take him to the dentist right away. Upon inspection, the dentist discovers that Potato has not been practicing proper dental hygiene and will need surgery to fix...
Decorate and Create Crazy Cookies - Dressing Up Game For Kids - Free Edition
Fun Apps Ltd
We all Love Cookies don't we?! Decorate your own in this mouthwatering FREE app! Simple and fun to use Great Graphics Keeps you and the family entertained for ages Download today and and let the decorating begin!
Easter Bunny Hop : The Jumping Rabbit Eggs Treasure Hunt - Free Edition
Good Games For Good Gamers Inc.
TRY OUR EASTER BUNNY HOP : THE JUMPING RABBIT EGGS TREASURE HUNT GAME In this Easter, bunny is went out the eggs treasure hunt. You have to help bunny to jump over the obstacles like fence and basket. Oh but don't...
AirTycoon 3
Welcome to AirTycoon 3! Authentic turn based airline management simulation single player game based on 'Air Tycoon Online' which is being loved by world wide players. Build and manage worldwide airline with detailed...
Zombie Attack Trip - Trigger The Un-dead
Morten Strande
++ "Dude, I love this game!" - Paul B. ++ ++ "Wow, my ride is fueled by zombie guts! Cool!" - Aaron C. ++ The town has been taken over by brain-eating zombies, and it is your task to save the world by shooting them,...
战斗吧小伙伴 战斗无止境中文版 最好玩的挂机游戏 超过天天飞车酷跑麻将全民英雄连连看斗地主三国西游刀塔传奇 可微信陌陌QQ空间微博快播暴风优酷登录 梦幻西游卡牌手游版
li gang
史上最平衡的MUD模式手游 免费的最平衡的挂机手游 西游题材的RPG手游 互动性最好的文字游戏 没有体力限制的手游 -----游戏特色----- 全天候战斗,无体力限制。...
Chef de Bubble
Our magical globe needs a new chef! Join Ceylon's journey in Chef de Bubble!! Fill the globe with delicious aromas by creating a variety of culinary creations! Listen carefully to Ceylon's story to learn her secret...
Haircut Office - Lady & Girl & Guy & Men & Boy
corina rodriguez
This is a new episode of 'Hair Salon', so grab your scissors and shampoo and get down to work! In this game you are the top-hairdresser who gets many different customers in the shop. Men, women, boys and girls. Make...
3D Truck Racing : High Speed Race
Sharkweed, LLC
Rev up the big rig and get racing! Drift around the sharp corners and go for the best time. • Start the race behind the wheel of this big truck • 5 Challenging Race Tracks • Realistic scenery -...
Hammer Strike Thunder Gods of Asgard (Free Edition)
Arvin Evangelista
Behold the Thunder Gods of Asgard. Fight your way and defeat the minion of Darkness. Equip awesome relics and accessories to become the most powerful thunder warrior. Free version features: - Incredible epic boss...
Barcode Kingdom
Magic Cube
Scan barcodes, Get unique units and items! Build your own kingdom. The world named 'Barcodia' is comprised of the magical power of barcodes. Barcodes in the real world is a magic circle that transmit the magical power...