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Clash of Tiny Icons!

by Erwin Felicilda
***Icon Clash is one fly, fun and addictive free game!***

What do you get when you have some of the most recent Iconic figures in music, games, & movie characters like an angry ninja, slender man, the crazy harlem shake , a famous korean rapper Psy, that famous thrift shop catchy beat, and just other random mix of fun characters shooting & battling each other with style to escape the terror of crazy horses and alien fishes!

Get ready to battle it out in Gangnam City with some of the craziest characters you'll ever see in one game!

"This game is one cool, crazy mixed up of funny characters shooting each other just for no apparent reason! - fun!!"

Jet planes, Ninjas, flying cars, famous korean rapper, crazy slender man, Aliens, flying sharks - All bundled up into one!
All we are missing now are shoot outs in subways with zombies & bike riders shooting at racing cars in the autobahn!

So many characters to choose from:

- Gangnam dude on a plane
- Harlem Shake on a crazy shark
- Slender Man on a plane
- Thrift Shopper on a flying Back to the past style car
- Crazy Asian Cowboy
- Crazy Horse
- An Angry Ninja
- Alien Fish
... and more!

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Clash of Tiny Icons! Clash of Tiny Icons! Clash of Tiny Icons! Clash of Tiny Icons! Clash of Tiny Icons!

Rating: 5
18 ratings


8,00 MB