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Puzzloop Endless

by Hudson Entertainment
Aim, link, and blast the balls!
Introducing the successful loop puzzle "Puzzloop" for beginners!!
Now, you can play the Endless Mode from original Puzzloop.

Introducing the ORIGINAL loop puzzle, Puzzloop! First released in 1998, this game's success led to a lot of clones; once you play, you'll see why Puzzloop is still the best..

In this addicting and easy-to-pick up puzzle game, you eliminate balls that roll along a rail.
Tap the touchscreen where you want the ball to go and connect three or more balls of the same color to eliminate them.

As you clear balls, nearby remaining balls will move towards each other to reconnect the chain. If three or more of the same color reconnect, they'll also clear, causing a combo and bonus points!

It's ‘game over' when the balls reach the end and run into your character. Solve Puzzloop before it makes you loopy!

Recent changes:
- Changed layout.

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Puzzloop Endless Puzzloop Endless Puzzloop Endless Puzzloop Endless Puzzloop Endless

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