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Glow Burst Lite

The free version of the popular Glow Burst game! Requires a sharp mind and a quick touch. Burst the glowing numbers as fast as you can from lowest to highest. Each burst earns you points and extra time. Tap the wrong glow pad and get penalized. Complete a round earns additional time. It sounds simple but be warned that it is very addicting!

Glow Burst Lite is a universal game that plays on all devices at full native resolution including the beautiful retina display. Supports Game Center Leaderboards so you can challenge your friends and family for top score.

* Universal Game plays at native resolution on all devices
* Retina display supported so it looks amazing
* Game Center leaderboards. (iOS 4.1 required)
* Perfect for kids and adults!
* Earlier rounds follow numerical, color, and size patterns that can be used to achieve faster popping.
* Glowing graphics with cool animations and intense sound.
* Each round gets harder and will challenge all age groups
* Background music speeds up as time decreases for a little added stress

Upgrade to the full version of Glow Burst to get medium and hard levels, Game Center achievements, and no ads.

Recent changes:
iPad Game Center leader boards enabled for iOS 4.2 devices! Scores are tracked in different leaderboards for both iPad and iPhone devices. Other minor fixes. Enjoy! If you like our game please consider upgrading to the full version by tapping the Web button. You can also send your friends and family a download link and compare scores with Game Center!

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Glow Burst Lite Glow Burst Lite Glow Burst Lite Glow Burst Lite Glow Burst Lite

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