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Cannibal Muffin

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This game is a finalist in the category "Best App for Pre-schoolers" at the 2009 Best App Ever Awards!! The winners will be announced at the 2010 Macworld Expo.

It's breakfast time! Play against the hungry Cannibal Muffin to take the last muffin of the table.

The makers of BoxBoy Escape, one of the most difficult brain-teasers of the App Store, present this new turn-based puzzle inspired by the ancient strategy game "Nim", as described in 1901 by Charles L. Bouton of Harvard University. This is a new challenge for sharp minds... Do you dare to put yourself to the test?

You have a table with three columns of a maximum of seven muffins each. In your turn, you can take any number of muffins provided they are all from the same column. To select how any muffins do you want to eat, touch a column and slide your finger up or down. The Cannibal Muffin will do the same. If you take the last muffin, you win. Otherwise... ¡you'll be eaten!

Cheat: Shake the iPhone strongly to annoy the Cannibal Muffin so it plays worse.

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