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Tile Sudoku

by Magnetism Studios
TileSudoku combines the famous puzzle game with natural interface that feels just right on the iPhone. It presents the puzzle as a game board covered with tiles which you can move around the screen with your fingertip. To enrich the gameplay experience even better, there are rich graphics, animations and sound effects.

Playing is easy — To fill the board, you just drag number tiles into open slots. If you change your mind, just drag that tile to another slot or back into the tile tray at the bottom of the screen. To sketch in possible numbers, a quick double-tap on a slot allows you to select the numbers you want to remember.

Additionally, TileSoduku offers unique features to help speed up your gameplay, including options to visually confirm when a board section has been completed or to highlight which tiles fit in the selected slot on the board. Both are simple and easy ways to improve your game skills. By combining these features with a beautiful and minimalistic screen layout, TileSudoku is the natural way to play Sudoku on your iPhone.

Special promo price: We've lowered the cost of TileSudoku to $3. Give it a try, we think you'll love it!

Recent changes:
-Hundreds of puzzles - Choose between easy, medium, hard and impossible -Option to highlight incorrect numbers -Sound-effect toggle -Bug Fixes and Graphical upgrades

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Tile Sudoku Tile Sudoku Tile Sudoku Tile Sudoku

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