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Magnet Puzzle

by BitMango
Description :
Making me Smart! and Fun!
Unique and Different Game!
You might enjoy a new type of matching game!

magnet Puzzle is one of match-three games.
But you can have a different experience and impression.
Touch and drag Magnet Blocks horizontally or vertically with a finger in order to move them.
Magnet Blocks have magnetic property and tend to move together.
If more than 3 Mag Blocks of the same color align together, they will disappear.
Features and fun of Magnet Puzzle is that you can remove a lot of blocks at once.
This is also the mission of this game.
Gathered the block well, you can eliminate a lot of time.
The more the number goes up the score.
the maximum number(can be eliminated once ) is 25.

Features :
#Magnet Blocks
-There are seven different colors of Magnet Blocks and they have magnetic property.
When a player touch and drag a Magnet Block, it moves to the direction of the touch-and-drag and exercises magnetic affects to other Magnet Blocks on the same path until they hit the wall.
The number of Magnet blocks increase periodically.

#Fix Magnet Blocks
-Fix Magnet blocks don’t move, and they get to disappear only when aligned together with two or more Mag Blocks of the same color.

-Four lives will be given when New Game is selected.
If Magnet Blocks fill up the space or Additional Mission doesn’t get completed, one life will be deducted.
When there is no life left, the game will be over and the player has to start from Level 1.

-The basic mission is to have as many Mag Blocks disappear until there is no more match.
-Additional Mission means the required number of Magnet Blocks to disappear at once. Maximum number is 25.

#Level Up
-A player gets to level up when both the basic and additional missions are completed.

-More points will be awarded when more Magnet Blocks disappear at once.
-Bonus points will be awarded for 5 or more Magnet Blocks disappear at once.
(Bonus = Number of Magnet Blocks x Number of Magnet Blocks x 10)
-For the completion of Additional Mission, bonus points will be awarded as follows: Number of Magnet Blocks x Number of Magnet Blocks x Level Number x 10
-More points will be awarded as the matching area where the Magnet Blocks align is bigger.
(Matching Area: 5x4=20, Bonus: 20x1,000=20,000)
-More points will be awarded as fewer number of Magnet Blocks remains at the completion of a Level.
-Cross Magnet Block For Cross Mag Block, 100 bonus points will be awarded.
-For Fix Block, 200 bonus points will be awarded.

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Magnet Puzzle Magnet Puzzle Magnet Puzzle

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