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Menzel's Box
Joe Crump
Are you up to the challenge? Menzel's Box is easy to play and difficult to master. With 6 difficulty levels, you can unwind with a relaxing puzzle or sweat it out with an extreme mental challenge! In the game, you are...
Bubblets Tilt
oopdreams software, inc.
Tilt and pop your way to big points in our classic bubble bursting game re-imagined for the innovative iPhone! Created by the same company that brought you Jawbreaker and Bubble Breaker, Bubblets Tilt includes stunning...
Free Tic Tac Knoe
Rob Rightmyer
Do You Knoe - Tic Tac Toe? Version 4.1 is iOS 5.0 ready as well as iCloud Ready. Version 4.0 opens all 100 levels to the free version. If this is too hard try Easy Mode. Easy Mode lets you move only forward making it...
Knights Run
Knights Run is one of the classic mini-games of chess. The goal of the game is quite simple. Using only the Knight, you must move to every space on the board without moving to the same space twice. Seems simple..but do...
TanZen Lite - Relaxing tangram puzzles
Little White Bear Studios, LLC
Find your Zen, with the #1 top selling tangram game on the App Store! Over 50 puzzles for free! With over 2.7 million players, and more than 50,000 five star ratings, TanZen has captured the hearts and minds of puzzle...
Word Game
Western ITS Limited
Word Game is a challenging and addictive game in which you must create the longest possible word in 30 seconds from a combination of 9 letters. Word game uses one of the "brain exercises" that the BBC recommends for...
Terminal Core Games
BloXoR has received a Silver Award from Pocket Gamer! "Approachable, addictive, cheap and with no small dose of quality, BloXoR is the ideal advert for the kind of instant experiences the iPhone can deliver." --Keith...
On-Core Sudoku
On-Core Software LLC
Challenge you brain! On-Core Sudoku: consists of a nine-by-nine grid with 9 inner squares. To solve Sudoku each inner square must have one of the numbers between 1 and 9. Each row and column must contain each number...
12 Coins Puzzle
This is an iPhone/iPod touch version of the classic coin puzzle. There are three rows of coins: 3, 4, and 5. Take turns removing coins from each row. You can go first, or let your iPhone start the game by pressing...
Crossword Light
Stand Alone, Inc.
Play crossword puzzles right on your iPhone or iPod touch. Each day many newspapers provide their crossword puzzles online; Crossword Light lets you solve a selection of what's out there; get hints, view clues, and...
CubicMan Lite
TeemSoft, Inc
CubicMan is a fun and addictive puzzle game. The aim of the game is to roll a cube to stand upright on the destination point. It sounds simple but it will give you hours and hours of challenge and good fun! This is a...
Manta Research
Now you can solve the classic 3D cube puzzle game on your iPhone or iPod Touch! The game uses simple swipe gestures to rotate each individual layer or to rotate the entire cube on any axis. A built-in timer keeps track...
BlaancoSolutions, LLC
Tired of the basic memory game? Need a real challenge? Now there's VanishCubes - a new "touch" to the Simon-like memory pattern game. To play is simple, just follow the pattern of the cubes- the catch is ... as you get...
15 Puzzle
gandreas software
The classic 15 Puzzle tile game - slide the tiles to re-arrange into the correct order. Features: - 4 x 4 up to 6 x 6 square, 4 x 6 to 6 x 9 rectangular - Numbered tiles, abstract images, or your own custom image from...
Claw Design
Match the computer's tile patterns in this board-style puzzle game by flipping over the tiles surrounding your cursor in the correct order. While starting out very easy and simple, the 50 levels quickly become...
Igloo Games
------------------------------------ Nominated for the 2009 IGF mobile awards: • “Best iPhone Game” • “Excellence in Art” • EDITORS’ CHOICE - 9/10 “A fun and unique puzzle game with superb production...
IQ boost
The best Dual N Back app is now free. Enjoy. IQ boost is a brain game based on the only proven IQ boosting activity. IQ boost is based on the Dual N Back exercise. The Dual N-Back task is the only mental activity that...
Armor Games Inc
Welcome to your new addiction. Phit is the ultimate puzzling obsession on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Addictive gameplay. Oh-so-slick interface. Infinite levels. And now at a low introductory price. Phit is the perfect game...
Slide (*** Updated ***)
Shekhar Yadav
Slide is interesting mix of bejeweled and tiles. It starts with a board of different color tiles. There is a small window in left that gives cue of what slide to clear. You can clear the slide by tapping the exact...
What's Different?
JMF Enterprises
It's a photo difference game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You've probably seen the game before: two identical pictures that have subtle differences. Touch the differences as fast as you can - your score depends on...