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Marc Abramowitz
Wordly (formerly called "Word Nerd" and "Word Up!" - changed due to request from trademark holder) is an addictive word game for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Keep the suggestions coming! PC and Mac users might be...
Cross Game
Cross Game is now free! Check out my youtube demo at http://joeisanerd.com/apps/crossgame/ ****************************************** You like puzzles? Are you ready for a challenge? Challenge yourself with this...
Futoshiki Light
9Bit Labs, LLC
If you like Sudoku, you're going to love Futoshiki! The rules are deceptively simple, but the gameplay is addictive and challenging. Futoshiki Light is the free version of Futoshiki. We think once you try Futoshiki...
9Bit Labs, LLC
If you like Sudoku, you're going to love Futoshiki! The rules are deceptively simple, but the gameplay is addictive and challenging. Solve your way through thousands of boards with an app created specifically for the...
PegJump Plus
Seventy Nine Lines
The Most Popular Peg Solitaire Game In The App Store Has Grown Up. Looking for a little more challenge than the classic time killer? PegJump Plus is for you. -30 Puzzles ranging in difficulty -Track your progress...
White Letters
ILM Informatique
It is time to dig your dusty dictionary out of the closet. Place cascading letters and form the longest possible words to GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE to reach the high scores. Words can be created vertically and...
Math Zombie
Felipe Oliveira
Are you a Math Zombie? Think fast, challenge yourself and exercise your brain with this game for people of all ages. Improve math skills and increase your memory ability. Tune-up your brain with this fun, engaging game...
Tangrams Lite
Brian Wurster
Try the lite version of Tangrams and then upgrade to add over 550 puzzles! This modern version of the classic Chinese puzzle game will challenge your mind as you attempt to arrange the seven shapes called "tans" into a...
Fire Drop Deluxe
xCube Labs.
Attaining wisdom just got more exciting. Fire Drop Deluxe is here! It’s the same fun game as the original Fire Drop where you tap on 3 or more adjacent cauldrons of the same color to destroy them. But there’s...
Four ships are traveling home hoping to avoid a crash. You will pilot the south ship and must make it into the north port. Choose your path to move northward, shifting left and right, as you try to avoid the other...
PowerBall Guide your iron ball in amazing and funny levels where your ability counts. Avoid the black holes, the deathbricks and the anti-g traps. Pick the powerups to be able to destroy the bricks and find the way to...
CouchWorld Games
Where precision meets collision, but in a limited package ... Played Shards yet? Give this version a try for free. It contains a tutorial, plus five levels from the full game. Once you've mastered it, download the full...
PowerBall LE
A funny game where you have to reach the goal cell avoiding the black holes, the anti-g traps and the deathbricks. Collect the powerup to destroy the different kind of bricks and to find the way to the solution of each...
Florian Zitzelsberger
Pioneer is an exciting game of memory. For a short period of time a random path will be shown to you. After the path has been cleared from the play field, it is your responsibility to reconstruct it in its initially...
Danny Swarzman
Peggy is a Peg Solitaire game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This seemingly simple game has hidden depths, and has, through the centuries, attracted the interest of mathematicians from Leibnitz to Berlekamp. Several...
Toy Bot Diaries Free
IUGO Mobile Entertainment Inc.
*** The Toy Bot Diaries Compilation containing all 3 Toy Bot episodes is out! You get all 3 episodes for the price of 2. Download now! TBD FREE presents introductory, sample levels to this iPhone favorite! See what...
Jason Fieldman
Whether you're a die-hard cryptogrammer or a novice sharpening your crypto-solving skills, Puzzle Baron's Cryptograms are bound to provide you with hours and hours of puzzling fun! We've got more than 20,000 unique...
Block Puzzle
Axel Bauer
Sliding block puzzle. Move the big block out of the box. Features: - 4 stylish game themes - 10 difficulty levels (easy - very hard) - sounds, music and animation - worldwide online scoring - auto-save when interrupted...
Puzzloop Free
Hudson Entertainment
Hit, connect, and BOOOOOM! Introducing the lite version of the ultimate loop puzzle, Puzzloop. IT'S FREE!! First released in 1998, Puzzloop's success led to a lot of clones; once you play, you'll see why Puzzloop is...
There are 20 mines. Your goal is to locate all of them as quickly as possible without uncovering any of them. Single tapping - On a square, it will mark it as a mine. Another single tapping will change the mine mark to...