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Lemur Software
From the creator of Bobble Surfer comes Fusion - an easy to learn puzzle game designed to challenge you for a few minutes at a time. The object of the game is to clear the game screen by fusing cells of the same colour...
Toxic Balls
Artefacto Estudio
Toxic Balls is a highly addictive casual game. The goal of the game is to eliminate all the Toxic Balls that are falling through the pipes. Move the containers to make vertical or horizontal lines of 3 Toxic Balls....
Cosmic One
oeFun, Inc.
Cosmic One! The puzzle game genre distilled into a pure, insanely addictive form. Simple intuitive controls and fiendishly addictive gameplay that takes full advantage of your device. Use your catcher at the bottom of...
Ane Rouge
Your Goal is to make leave the red square towards the top of the board. This game seem very difficult, ideal to develop your reflexion. Ipod/iphone implementation is close to best simulate original wood pieces. A...
New York Shell Game
Reandevou Software
Watch the red ball ! The game is played with three shells and a red ball. Hit the shuffle button on the box to reveal where the red ball is... Watch closely as the shells are shuffled around the box. Once the stop.,...
John Blackburn
Can you clear the board? Watch video at http://digitalglen.com/apps/ Touch and drag to place pieces into rows and columns. Fill a row or column to see it animate and disappear to the sound of orchestral instruments: a...
Block Breaker Deluxe 2
The “Best Damn Brickout ever!” (Wireless Gaming Review/ Gamespot) is back, now bringing countless rounds of frenzied block breaking action to the iPhone. Forget everything you know about brick-breaking games and...
Fuzzle FREE
CandyCane LLC
This is the free version of Fuzzle, the top-selling and dangerously addictive puzzle game! Move the balls around the board to create lines of five balls of the same color, thus removing the balls. After every other...
Pele's Revenge
Spooky Logic Games
Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, requires offerings to keep her from blowing her top. It's up to you to make sure she gets those offerings before Kilauea volcano explodes! In Pele's Revenge, you will find a grid of...
Free Word Warp
“Word Warp is my first go-to game when I find myself out of the house and not doing anything. Every time you see me sitting on the train or in a waiting room I am listening to music and playing some Word Warp”  -...
Ronald Bell
RapidTap tests your reaction time and hand-eye coordination. Tap groups of marbles as they appear. Miss a marble, and you'll lose a life. Lose all lives, and it's game over. Gameplay has been noted as similar to...
Probably Interactive
NeuroSnack uses the latest brain training technique, dual N-Back tests. Scientists have recently found that in about 25 minutes a day, dual N-Back tests can actually increase a person's working memory and fluid...
Random Spots
Bring the 15 tiles back in place as fast as possible after they have been shuffled around. You can only move using the free spot in the tiles so this is not as easy as it sounds.
AnQ (pronounced UnK) is a number game. Your iPhone (or iPod Touch) randomly generates a secret four-digit number that you attempt to identify. You have a maximum of nine attempts to do so. After each attempt your...
Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab
Freeverse, Inc.
"Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab... hits the iPhone design sweet spot." - ArsTechnica.com From the Apple Design Award winning minds at Freeverse comes 5 Awesome Puzzle Games in One App! Games include: ❂ Color Reaction -...
Sextuple Word Lite
nBit Inc.
Are you ready for Sextuple Word Challenge? Test your word skills against the clock by making words from 6-letter puzzles. Have fun and learn new words in this addictive word game! The Lite Edition of Sextuple Word...
Luca Torella
Pallino is the iPhone version of the board game known as Mastermind. There is a secret sequence and the goal is to discover it. But attention! You have only six attempts to guess the right sequence, so take your time...
Color Theory
Hidden within the rainbow-coloured bubbles is a puzzle. What you do with the colours and how you can unlock more is for you to discover. There is an objective, there is a timer, there are unlockables but they are all...
Touch 'Em
Play 'Em
Touch ‘Em is the fast-paced addictive icon-matching game for your iPhone™ or iPhone touch, you won’t be able to put down! Takes only moments to master but will keep you matching for hours. Tap, multi-touch and...
Aqueous Software LLC
The famous Fifteen puzzle. Shake the iPhone to scramble the puzzle, then tap the tiles to put them into sequence. The top five times are stored in the Best Times list.