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Crazy Pipes
UPDATE!!! Crazy Pipes now features three exciting modes of play! Now try "Tap to Swap" and "Rotate" modes by entering the new settings screen. (See "How To Play" for details.) Crazy Pipes is a port of the classic game...
The classic game is revived in this very playable and entertaining mobile version, now free for a limited period! The goal of the game is to pop all the bubbles from the screen by launching multi-colored bubbles at...
Tic-Tac-Toe Halloween
Reandevou Software
We have create a tic-tac-toe halloween addition with creepy sounds and howls ! Play Person .vs. Person or against a friend. We have added cat's screeching, doors creeking, witches laughing. Enjoy and happy halloween !
Ateam Inc.
Ah...Moemory is a pairs/matches game inspired by japanese moe and anime culture. No matter if you are otaku or not, the game with its adorable graphics will pull you in. No matter what age you are, the cute graphics...
Pinch n Pop!
Chaotic Box
"This is an easy recommendation for any arcade fan. Pinch it!" - 148Apps (4.5 out of 5) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED "By far one of the more original and creative games that I’ve run across." - What's On iPhone (4.5 out of 5)...
Stack It Up
James Kwan
This game tests your hand and eye coordination. Try to stop the blocks so they stack on top of each other. Keep an eye on the blocks and your hand on the button. The blocks will move from side to side and its your...
Smart Ball IQ Booster
Armin Heinrich
iOS5 ready (iOS 3.x - iOS 5.x) SmartBall is a totally new logic game for smart minds. The fireball will be used to catch all blue colored balls. All metal balls (blue and silver) follow gravity. Be careful not to get...
Yum Card Match
ObjectGraph LLC
Welcome to Yum Memory! Join Yummy and friends for a fun filled game of memory. Find pairs of cards and watch them disappear. How fast can you clear the cards with the fewest mistakes? Challenge your concentration and...
MagicMatch LE
MagicMatch is a puzzle game where you have to solve fiddly tasks. This Lite Edition comes with 5 puzzles of different categories like Triangles, Squares, Hexagons and Equations. In some puzzles you have to remove...
Sudoku Lite
DAVA Consulting
We are proud to bring you Lite version of Amazing Sudoku on your iPhone. Lite version is limited to easy level games. Buy full version of Amazing Sudoku to access full game and play unlimited number of higher...
SaveMe 2
"Salvami" (save me) is a modern release of the famous game "Hangman" with some new and exciting features which let you spend a great play-time on your iPhone or iPod Touch! Your mission is to guess the secret sentence...
Chris Nordberg
Kusari is an addictive game of speed and cunning. Find chains of counters to clear the board against the clock, working your way through the levels and earning rewards and bonuses to get as many points as you can....
Freeverse, Inc.
From the Apple Design Award winning minds of Strange Flavour and Freeverse comes Plank. A visually stunning game of marble balancing and color matching! "Plank’s uniqueness, riveting gameplay, and polish makes it...
Sudoku Builder
Baby Toga Software
Sudoku Builder is a full-featured, random Sudoku puzzle generator. Using its lightning fast built-in puzzle generation engine, this app will build unlimited unique, never before seen Sudoku puzzles, just for you. The...
Sudoku 401
If you want to improve your Sudoku skills, Sudoku 401 will help you learn and play. Sudoku 401 is a Sudoku game, a generator, a solver, and a teacher/tutor. First, it is a serious Sudoku game. - Puzzle generator for...
TwoDesk Software Company
Boomshine is an addictive casual game. Touch the screen to start a chain reaction and try to explode as many dots as needed to pass a level. The game contains 12 levels ranging from the easy to the hard (25 tries on...
Volker Weidner
Patience (also known as solitaire) is a both tranquilizing and relaxing game originally coming from france. It is a card game that actually needs some patience and a high level of concentration to be played. This game...
Golden Castle
Tired of brain-racking puzzle? Got to kill some spare time but don't know what to do? Golden Castle is your best choice! Swap adjacent tiles in order to form a row of three or more matching tiles. Form groups across...
ILM Informatique
A SIMPLE RULE: Align symbols (3 minimum) horizontally or vertically. A classic and fun game. Experts will enjoy the hard level.
Puzzoodle Jigsaw
Fulltilt Interactive LLC
Puzzoodle brings the full jigsaw experience to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Just like the real thing, you work on smaller sections of the puzzle to build up the huge, highly detailed image. Work at your own pace. There...