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Mouse About lite
Cobra Mobile Limited
Mouse About lite gives you a taster of one of the best and highly rated iPhone and iPod Touch puzzle games. As highly recommended by: IGN (8/10), TouchGaming.org and TouchArcade.com And by you; ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC...
Cypher, Decrypting Words with a Pirate Twist!
Yarrr, Cypher tis a fun word puzzle game where you race against the clock to decode the text and twist it into a six letter word. Can you decrypt the word in time, matey? This is an immersive, full featured game with...
MineHunt 3D
the Number N, LLC
MineHunt 3D is a new take on the classic game of minesweeper. Whether you are a casual player or consider yourself an expert, MineHunt 3D will put your skills to the test. Imagine a grid of mines wrapped around a three...
Dice Break
Fmitz Game Labs
-All features and updates will be provided free of charge now and in the future. "Dice Break" is an original puzzle game for iPhone/iPod touch. The game field is an 5x7 grid.When a game is started,some of grid spaces...
Jean-Frederic Mesnil
********************************************************* TangTouch is now FREE: enjoy the full version at no cost ********************************************************* Tangram is a classic chinese puzzle which...
FAR Apps
CUSTOMER REVIEW: "One of iPhone top 5. I'm totally addicted to this game. I'm not a big sudoku fan, but I love this game." -nottahick Shinro is a fun and addictive puzzle that tests your problem solving skills. If you...
Bubble Bay Free
Powerhouse Games
Octopus ahoy! This is a free version of our popular and critically acclaimed game Bubble Bay featuring the Big Reef location and a selection of power-ups from the full version! Don't forget to purchase the full version...
All Systems Down
Glass Man VC
Reroute ships power to critical systems as the ship slowly loses power.
Kusari Lite
Chris Nordberg
Kusari is an addictive game of speed and cunning. Find chains of counters to clear the board against the clock, working your way through the levels and earning rewards and bonuses to get as many points as you can....
Colo2Seesaw Free
amazing co,. ltd.
To move the Ball, incline your iPhone/iPod touch. And, put the Ball into the goal. That's all! I guess, pretty simple. But you know what? This game is not only simple but deep! You might become immersed in the depth......
DC Softworks
Triplets is a strategy game. Though the rules are quite simple, the game itself is actually rather challenging! You take turns playing against the computer, placing pieces onto the board one at a time. To win, you have...
BoxMan - or named Sokoban , PushBox , warehouse keeper
ma ming ge
Features: ====== 1. Total 100 stages. 2. Change game theme. 3. Change screen background image. 4. Free select any game stage. 5. Free undo every step. 6. virtual D-Pad controller / Full Screen touch mode switch...
Jens Henneberg
Are you bothered by boring train rides or the long wait at the doctor's? Are you looking for fun? Then QuadChallenge is the right game for you! QuadChallenge is a game of skill with absolutely addictive qualities,...
Smart Sokoban
Patrick Stein
"... best Sokoban on any platform .." - chaosmagnet "... the best Sokoban game I've played..." - Benzo Right "... marvelous implementation..." - Kevin Play one of Apples Staff Picks ! The classical, addictive puzzle...
Troll Bridge
ASM Technology Ltd.
Help the boy cross the bridge, but this is no ordinary task. The bridge is guarded by a troll who will only let him pass if he can guess the password. If the boy fails, then the troll will push him into the cold stream...
Conniption Entertainment
******* SALE ******* Pathways, the “Monster Puzzle Game” awarded EDITORS’ CHOICE by iPhoneGameNetwork.com, is now on sale for only $0.99 (regularly $4.99)! WHAT REVIEWERS ARE SAYING “A lot of gameplay sprinkled...
Red Donkey
Your Goal is to help Red Donkey find out at top of the board. This game seem very difficult, ideal to develop your reflexion. Ipod/iphone implementation is close to best simulate original wood pieces. A minimum of 81...
Steven Troughton-Smith
The goal of the game is to get the highest score by removing as large areas of the same-colored gems as possible; bigger areas mean higher scores! It couldn't be simpler; the further you progress, the harder it is to...
KCMA Software
**UPDATED** ** Added "Bonus Tap" square. ** All 3 types of squares can appear separately. ** See your taps-per-second when you finish a level. ** New song for higher levels. Taptastic is a simple, yet addicting game...
Puzzloop Endless
Hudson Entertainment
Aim, link, and blast the balls! Introducing the successful loop puzzle "Puzzloop" for beginners!! Now, you can play the Endless Mode from original Puzzloop. Introducing the ORIGINAL loop puzzle, Puzzloop! First...