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Candy Cake Plus
Phan Khanh
Candy Cake Plus is completely free to play! Candy Cake Plus fun game based on the popular game genre with diamonds. Simple rules, You can drag the entire row or column of fruit,or swap two adjacent fruit position,a...
Hirofumi NAKANO
Match the nuigurumi rotation! This is the game to the tap . When you tap the button will rotate . Match the nuigurumi rotation! Please do 10 times . Let's compete for speed!
Running Maze
Christophe Vichery
Find your way through a 3D Maze ! And race against the hourglass ...
Double Digits
Integrity Corporation
This game will keep your on your toes, or should we say thumbs? Dodge swaying, swinging, and spiraling shapes to rack up a HIGH SCORE*! Double Digits features: - Thumb-based gameplay. Your thumbs are your two best...
Adam Borowski
How good are you with numbers? In Piata, at the beginning of each round you are assigned a random number. Start from 0 and then add, substract, multiply and divide to reach your goal number! How to play: You can move...
Fruit Farm Frenzy
Welcome to the Fruit Farm. A peaceful and sunny retreat, home to many happy fruits, Old Farmer Jack and Rocky the Raccoon. But hard times hit the Fruit Farm and when Old Farmer Jack could no longer make ends meet,...
escape series 3
he sainan
This is a most nasty game! The game mode is similar to Brain by the U-turn. To play the game can dig your own ET potential! Your way of thinking can not be normal! To be normal means to lose! Features: + simply touch +...
iPuzzleU Animals
Chris Cullington-Johnson
Welcome to the iPuzzleU series! Time to put your feet up and relax with a jigsaw puzzle. iPuzzleU Animals This release contains 16 high definition puzzles featuring some beautiful animals. Each puzzle has between 8 -...
Tiny Cannon - Cut a Star
80 Incrededible Levels. Hours of gameplay. Great objectives
Routes - Traveling Salesman Puzzle
Routes is an addictive and fun puzzle game inspired from the Traveling Salesman problem. Select any board from our matrix. Travel all nodes on the board once to discover your route. Nodes are connected thru lines...
Hashi Link Pro - Build Bridges and Connect Islands
Tony Ngo
"This game is a must download if you like puzzle games. I just downloaded and I can't stop playing." -Leahcim Elyod Make connections between islands such that the number on the islands equal the total number of bridges...
Dr. Buddy - play and learn. Educational alphabet for kids and toddlers.
Vasiliy Poryagin
Interactive alphabet for toddlers, that will help your child to learn letters and words in an easy and funny way. After carrying out complex psychological researches we found colors and tunes perfect for children and...
Minesweeper PD Full
Purify Digital
Enjoy the ad free version of the classic minesweeper game! The purpose of the game is to open all the cells of the board which do not contain a bomb. You lose if you set off a bomb cell. Every non-bomb cell you open...
Word Jungle - Challenging Word Brain Puzzle Game
Hi Studio Limited
Classic word search puzzle with fresh new gameplay. Easy to start but a real challenge to move on. The best way to test whether you are a real word genius or just a fan of it. Find the hidden word, swipe over it and...
Philipp Schachinger
Find the right way to konect em all. Hundreds of levels will challenge you to the maximum. How far can you go?
Landmarks Puzzle : Around The World
Mohan Rathore
Landmarks Puzzle:Around The World .A little bit puzzle. Moving the puzzle pieces together to finish it! There are total 5 places! We are preparing to add new stages. How to play Tap or swipe to move the puzzle! You can...
Monster Girls and Boys Connect “ The High School Halloween Puzzle Edition ”
Sawang Thianthae
**SUPER FUN DOTS LINK GAME PLAY WITH MONSTER IN THE HIGH SCHOOL HALLOWEEN PUZZLE STYLE** Adventure with over 85 level back to school halloween The higher level, the harder puzzle that challenge your brain. Get stuck...
Monsters Swap
BigDnet Inc
Play Monster Swap which is an amazing puzzle that helps you to kill time. All you have to do is to swap a monster to make more than three monsters in a row, horizontally or vertically.
Ninja Shippuden Battle “ Fighting Clan Naruto Puzzle and Friends Edition "
CCM Developer
**SUPER FUN NINJA GAME WITH BATTLE PUZZLE MULTIPLAYER STYLE** Discover 7 super cute characters and 28 skills to fit. Come to choose them to be Ninja Shippuden Hero. Ninja Shippuden Battle takes all the fun you love...
Riddle of Doom
Pedro Dias
Riddle of Doom is a single player game with 21 sequential riddles. Each riddle has a different method to hide its answer, such as codes, symbols, anagrams or image references. Solving the riddles does not require...