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The First Settlers, Hidden Objects, Find The Difference, Game
Hitesh Parikh
The First Settlers, Hidden Objects, Find The Difference, Game The First Settlers Immigrants have a home needs, and we should help them. Find all the objects and help them. Since Marlene is really concerned about the...
Cyto's Puzzle Adventure
Room 8
"Pick this up today: it'll be a delight for your left and right brain alike." — Touch Arcade, 4.5/5 "One of the finest new games you can get for your mobile this week." — Modojo, 4/5 "A pleasure to play." —...
Jolly Jam ®
Rovio Stars Ltd.
A fresh puzzle game that will surely make you jolly! Prince Jam needs YOU to help save Princess Honey and the Jelly Kingdom. Download and play today for free! Defeat the evil Boss and his wicked, cute minions through...
Match the Birds
Claudio Mattos
Match the Birds is a simple yet addictive puzzle game for kids and adults. You will love it! All you have to do is to match all birds of the same colour together. There are hundreds of levels as well as nearly a dozen...
4x4 TicTacToe 3D Glow
wen tsung chen
Dark space, the mysterious 4x4 grids cube,fascinating hidden power ~ OOXX seemingly simple timeless eternal interactive games, But not so simple can be easily cracked, Little neglect, AI has been defeated for you, So...
Game of Roads
Tommi Urtti
**** 4/5 - "There's a thoughtful, austere puzzle game waiting at the end of this road." - J. Minor, 148apps.com **** Settle on tiles, connect them with roads. Build up their values by connecting multiple tiles to your...
Yaroslav Brekhunchenko
Wisp, that just wants to fly...
География памяти России бесплатно
FunStudyo Inc
Учиться во время игры, играть, пока вы учитесь! Вы любопытны ребенок с большой интерес к географии? Нравится ли вам...
Impossible Color
Meidan Zwiebel
Shoot the colored balls according to the color appearing on the screen. Attention! - the time is short and the game will get more challenging at every second. In order to succeed in the game you must have good...
Ben Deckys
Mimik is, at first glimpse, a simple puzzle game. But don't be fooled, the game is designed to trick and confuse you, all the while increasing your cognitive ability. Play and unlock each stage by completing them in...
Garden Grinder Match & Blast | The greenest free tile combination puzzle game
YPR Software B.V.
Free puzzle game: match and blast tiles. Over 280 levels, loaded with challenges. Remove matching tiles to reveal tiles underneath. Build chain reactions to earn bombs, then blast away single tiles that block the...
long xu
3927 is a mini puzzle game. You'll find yourself loving it! ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ When you combine three numbers that are the same, they will merge to a...
Logic Master Junior Detective
Perry Kappetein
Logic Master Detective is back!. This time his son is taking over, and challenging you with 24 brand new puzzles. The puzzles are easier, so that the younger audience can enjoy this as well. - New Grid Design - Hints...
Kill Screen
David Marshall
Extremely Addictive Fun! The rules are simple, clear the spheres in order of colour without making a mistake. Make a mistake and you lose your combo, make a mistake on the Skull Sphere and its Game Over! Kill Screen is...
Image Puzzle Advance
Primosoft Inc
Image Puzzle (Advance) is a very wonderful and exciting puzzle game. This app brings you several exciting images to which you can puzzle-up & solve. Image Puzzle can be played by any person of any age group. It's also...
4 Numbers 1 Result
Christian Gaiola
Already 40 000 users on other platforms : THANK YOU ! 4 Numbers 1 Result is a new game concept. Faced with four numbers and one result, will you find as quickly as possible, operations to do in order to get a match ?...
Puzzle Game For Papa Pig Family Edition
sutee weerapattananun
This game for everyone who loves Family Peppa Pig puzzle. Welcome to enjoy playing Family Papa Pig in cartoon form Nick Jr , Disney Puzzles Games and Free Download Today! This game app recommended for toddlers , kids ,...
Candy Mania Puzzle Deluxe - Match and Pop 3 Candies for a Big Win
Stefan Vintila
The BEST Candy matching game ever!! Switch and match Candies to challenge hundreds of levels!! - Easy and fun to play, but hard to be master! - Hundreds of funny levels, each one is unique! - Amazing music and sound...
Worders PRO - word search game. Find words and fill in the entire field
Anton Kartunov
Worders PRO is a new challenging word game. You need to find the words in the square field consisting of letters. To complete this level you need to use all the letters and uncover the entire field through. At first,...
Construction Truck Parking 3D
Construction Truck License is a 3D driving and parking game, small in size yet colorful and challenging. Throughout 18 increasingly difficult levels, you get to drive Concrete Mixer truck and your objective is to reach...