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If you solve something, say something. In today's world, it's all on the line. Answer the call. Join your fellow citizens to decrypt suspicious messages and help make our nation safer and stronger! For every puzzle you...
Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids
"Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids" is a memory board game designed for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens but adults may also enjoy the game - fun for the whole family! This...
Nine Plus - 9+
NINE PLUS - 9+ Could you crush 9(Nine) numbers at the same time? Perform the longest match by managing numbers and get the highest score. Do not forget! You must be very fast. Get ready to meet NEW and unusual game...
2048 Puzzle GO
changwei sun
The game screen is very simple, at the beginning mostly gray box, the puzzle appears when the player figures will change color, the overall style is very simple. Rules of the game is very simple, each can choose one...
Left/Right Brain Training
Tae Yun Lim
Help train your brain. Calculation of the equation governing the logical left brain function and Listen to music or pictures or any image Think of right brain functions that govern Learning game that can be trained at...
Cyto's Puzzle Adventure
Room 8
"Pick this up today: it'll be a delight for your left and right brain alike." — Touch Arcade, 4.5/5 "One of the finest new games you can get for your mobile this week." — Modojo, 4/5 "A pleasure to play." —...
4x4 TicTacToe 3D Glow
wen tsung chen
Dark space, the mysterious 4x4 grids cube,fascinating hidden power ~ OOXX seemingly simple timeless eternal interactive games, But not so simple can be easily cracked, Little neglect, AI has been defeated for you, So...
Yaroslav Brekhunchenko
Wisp, that just wants to fly...
Ben Deckys
Mimik is, at first glimpse, a simple puzzle game. But don't be fooled, the game is designed to trick and confuse you, all the while increasing your cognitive ability. Play and unlock each stage by completing them in...
Logic Master Junior Detective
Perry Kappetein
Logic Master Detective is back!. This time his son is taking over, and challenging you with 24 brand new puzzles. The puzzles are easier, so that the younger audience can enjoy this as well. - New Grid Design - Hints...
Kill Screen
David Marshall
Extremely Addictive Fun! The rules are simple, clear the spheres in order of colour without making a mistake. Make a mistake and you lose your combo, make a mistake on the Skull Sphere and its Game Over! Kill Screen is...
Image Puzzle Advance
Primosoft Inc
Image Puzzle (Advance) is a very wonderful and exciting puzzle game. This app brings you several exciting images to which you can puzzle-up & solve. Image Puzzle can be played by any person of any age group. It's also...
Worders PRO - word search game. Find words and fill in the entire field
Anton Kartunov
Worders PRO is a new challenging word game. You need to find the words in the square field consisting of letters. To complete this level you need to use all the letters and uncover the entire field through. At first,...
Tiny Cannon - Cut a Star
80 Incrededible Levels. Hours of gameplay. Great objectives
Routes - Traveling Salesman Puzzle
Routes is an addictive and fun puzzle game inspired from the Traveling Salesman problem. Select any board from our matrix. Travel all nodes on the board once to discover your route. Nodes are connected thru lines...
Hashi Link Pro - Build Bridges and Connect Islands
Tony Ngo
"This game is a must download if you like puzzle games. I just downloaded and I can't stop playing." -Leahcim Elyod Make connections between islands such that the number on the islands equal the total number of bridges...
Dr. Buddy - play and learn. Educational alphabet for kids and toddlers.
Vasiliy Poryagin
Interactive alphabet for toddlers, that will help your child to learn letters and words in an easy and funny way. After carrying out complex psychological researches we found colors and tunes perfect for children and...
Minesweeper PD Full
Purify Digital
Enjoy the ad free version of the classic minesweeper game! The purpose of the game is to open all the cells of the board which do not contain a bomb. You lose if you set off a bomb cell. Every non-bomb cell you open...
Word Jungle - Challenging Word Brain Puzzle Game
Hi Studio Limited
Classic word search puzzle with fresh new gameplay. Easy to start but a real challenge to move on. The best way to test whether you are a real word genius or just a fan of it. Find the hidden word, swipe over it and...