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Go Padda

by StormFrog
Go Padda!
Presented by Stormfrog

Padda is an unusual frog who does not like rain. Unfortunately Padda is hills away from home when he spots a storm! Help this little blue frog jump as fast and as far as he can to get home to his bromeliad where he will be safe and dry. Hold your finger on the screen to gain speed down the hills and release to jump. Now, all this hard work is making Padda hungry! Collect as many flies as you can on your way home. These flies not only give you more points, they allow you to gain boosts that make Padda go faster, jump higher, and even reverse the storm! So, jump into the rainforest with Padda for endless adventures and don’t forget your umbrella!

Easy to learn but challenging and addicting
One simple maneuver: touch and hold
# levels
# different boosts
In game currency that you can earn just by playing!
Compatible with iPhone and iPad
In app purchase of additional fly currency to accelerate your gameplay

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Go Padda Go Padda Go Padda Go Padda

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