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Farmer Ben Against The Aliens Lite

by Daniel Newman
Out in Idaho Farmer Ben is losing his cattle. Every day his herd is getting smaller and he’s out to get even with those dang cattle rustlers….oh heck wait!!!! They’re no ordinary cattle rustlers, this guy’s green and about eight feet tall. And what’s that bright light in the sky?? Guess he didn’t drive up in a truck. Someone is beaming up his cows, and it sure isn’t Scotty. He needs to get smart if he’s going to outwit these aliens and his trusty shotgun might not be enough. Help Farmer Ben to save his cows and keep his ranch safe from the alien attackers.

- Super fast exciting gameplay
- Ultra tight controls
- Unlock Farmer Ben’s friends to help defeat the aliens
- Gamecenter integration
- Multiplayer support - play against your friends
- Stunning theme music and sound effects
- Ever-changing gameplay – never the same game twice

Here's how the game works:

* Gameplay is simple and becomes more challenging as you avoid your enemies.

* Tap the left of your screen with your thumb or finger to jump and avoid your enemies and obstacles

* Tap the right of your screen to shoot those pesky aliens

* Collect coins and other goodies to earn points and unlock and play with Farmer Ben’s friends

* The longer you play, the faster the game moves. Each time you play Farmer Ben Against the Aliens it changes so you never play the same game twice!

* Gamecenter Leaderboards let you see how you score compared to other players using your survival time and treasure trove of coins

* Challenge your friends to beat your score and go head to head in real time!

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Farmer Ben Against The Aliens Lite Farmer Ben Against The Aliens Lite Farmer Ben Against The Aliens Lite

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